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Navo is NOT AYV

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Navo is NOT AYV


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It is also no secret that the AYV currently has a very professional and formidable management body headed by Dr. Ezekiel Kelvin DuramanyLakkoh and this body is solely responsible for ALL the day-to-day affairs of the Empire. NOT Navo, as falsely being propagated by some few bad Sierra Leoneans.

It does not mean because Navo owns the AYV, so he commands happenings therein. And this, I believe is well known by these few bad Sierra Leoneans but with the evil intention to discourage and attempt to pull the gentleman down, these bad eggs chose to oversight this reality and throw negative attacks on him instead of Dr. Duramany-Lakkoh who head AYV.

However, the position forwarded by some people that these bad Sierra Leoneans can direct all rubbish attacks on Navo instead of Dr. Duramany-Lakkoh and his management could not be unconnected with the fact that unlike the latter, the former is a ‘soft touch’ businessman, with lots of diplomacy, softness and kindheartedness in handling such matters.

Needless to let these bad eggs know that besides AYV, Navo has lots of other fine investments that he left in the hands of credible professional management teams for their daily running.

So, attacking Navo, who is merely investing his money to generate lucrative jobs for young Sierra Leoneans, is nothing but an open ‘BAD HEART’ and daytime assassination robbery and witchcraft.

The honest fact is that, the Navo I personally know will NEVER bow to any intimidation and/or false attack from detractors. I am sure he can merely whistle out the rubbish attacks coming from these detractors and smile over it, whiles continuing to be focused on catering for young people.

My advice to you bad heart Sierra Leoneans will always be: “If you have bones to pick with Ambassador Anthony Navo Junior and you want to do so, stop being the COWARDS you are now, come out like and free born and do so, but don’t keep on cowardly hiding behind the false and reckless blackmailing tactics, with the hope that the fine gentleman will bow to your cheap attacks. No way!! He owns it, but Navo is not AYV. The word for the wise…



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Milton Margai University graduates 400 students in hospitality sector

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