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No place like home: Alahji Sam-Sumana is back home

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No place like home: Alahji Sam-Sumana is back home


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 In view of that Chief Sam-Sumana, you are warmly welcome back home. But we hope you are not coming home to wage war against your poor innocent, powerless and defenceless masses in the country. As you have been allegedly said that “if you are not reinstated as vice president of Sierra Leone you will wage war against the people of Sierra Leone or paying you the  sum of $250million”. It is an alleged threat that any peace loving Sierra Leoneans should not take lightly because of our past bitter brutal war experience in the country.

The fact is, if you see Sierra Leoneans going to other countries to live, it is because there is peace in those countries. In view of that I see no reason why we as Sierra Leoneans we should not always allow peace, unity, stability and development to take place in our country. Because if there is peace and stability in the country any time one wants to go home he or she will easily return home.

 If former vice president Sam-Suma went to Ghana to live there as self-exile man it is because there is peace in Ghana. And I do believe that he was obeying the Ghanaians government laws. Therefore, if we can obey the laws of the countries that we live, why not obeying the great laws of our land? NO individual or group that is above the laws of our motherland. Regardless of your present or past status. Sierra Leone is above all of us, as such her laws are supreme.

However, one thing I would like to make clear in the minds of my readers is, I am not an enemy of the young fine gentleman, Sam-Sumana as others may perceived. I love him like any of my fellow Sierra Leonean. But the only thing I hate to hear is, about war or violence, because I knew what Foday Sankoh and others war did to our poor people in the country. For Sam Sumana I think I am the only person that guiding him or giving him practical hard fact advice for the safety of his life and his future endeavour more than those who are always saying to him:

 “Yes, yes, sir, sir and the bra nar ture bra, ah nar u go takem, if nar me ah nor go take that. Ah go fet-am or fet them, of course me nar old prominent lawer, ah go timap for u for free” at his (Sam- Sumana) own detriment”. Yes sir, it’s true, you are the only person who will take that. If it’s me I would not take that, I will fight him or fight them. Look, I am an experience old lawyer I will stand for your case for free. They are saying these ungodly evil words to him because they have something in their sleeves that they want to execute in his name. Which he, Sam-Sumana seemingly refusing to understand.

In my view, these type of Sierra Leoneans are complete enemies of the cool, calm and calculated gentleman. The reason being, if you have a brother, sister, family member or friends who cannot look at your face and tell you the hard fact that what you are doing is wrong, he or she is a complete enemy to you.  Because he or she will always misleading you. In my view, that was what some evil Sierra Leoneans did to Sam-Sumana that led to his current predicaments. They failed to give him good advice for personal selfish interest, including the fear of losing their relationships or friendships with him.

However, Sam-Sumana, what I would like to say to you is that, Sierra Leoneans are very peaceful, kind, loving  and caring people in the world, not only in the country. And above all, it is because of the inborn democratic nature of the current president that we have in the country. A very fine gentleman with a very good Christian character, President Koroma and his APC government that made you to step your feet in the country at this time in the semblance of going for elections registration.

  If it would have been another country, especially like Zimbabwe, Somalia, etc surely enough YOU would not have entered Sierra Leone by now. Because of your alleged utterances, that if you would not reinstated as vice president of Sierra Leone you would wage war against the people of Sierra Leone that had already got enough of 11years of bitter brutal civil war experience that was launched by Foday Sankoh and his Libyan Green Book lieutenants that currently parading and parroting as flag bearers in the country. I would like you to know that it is because there is peace in the country that made you to return home on the guise that you are coming for elections registration.

And I would also like you to know that even some of the disgruntled politicians that are hypocritically rallying behind you today to cause mayhem in the country, if they would have been in power, especially the SLPP, for you to have entered the country at this point in time in the name of coming for elections registration, it would have been very difficult for you if not impossible because of your alleged war comment.

Knowing their viciousness and thuggery political nature. Some of the very unpatriotic evil Sierra Leoneans that have been castigating you by writing all sorts of defaming comments, stories, articles, photos, about timbergate, about duping your business partner/s in America when President Koroma re-elected you as his running mate in 2012 general elections. Today they become turncoat Sierra Leoneans’ enemies of peace and development in and out of the country in your name. Going about shedding crocodile tears for your current plight. Please be careful with them. They have special motives.

 I would also like you to know that it is because there is peace in the country that made you to come as I stated. Definitely if there would have been no peace you would not have returned to the country. In view of that, please give peace a chance in the country. Do tell those that allegedly bragging of laying their lives for the sake of you to stop deceiving you. I want you to know that they are not laying their lives because of you, they have their personal self-satanic agenda underneath that the want to use in your name. We know them. They are always looking for a scapegoat to use. Therefore, they want to make use of your current plight as an opportunity to implement their diabolic satanic plans against the country. Because they want power by all costs, even at the expense of the poor people’s lives in the country it’s not their business.

 In view of that, I would like you to know that Sierra Leone is still a member of ICC. If you allow any unpatriotic and unnationalistic power hungry Sierra Leoneans to cause mayhem in the country in your name, honestly speaking you would be in trouble with the people of Sierra Leone, not only with your former party APC government, but with the peace loving Sierra Leoneans. Father for bid it if that happen the braggers will not come to your aid.

 If you think I am a story teller, where are, Foday Sankoh, Hon. Chief Hinga Norman, Issa Sesay of RUF, Alieu Kondewa of the Kamajor and others? When they allowed evil Sierra Leoneans to use them like robot. What benefit did they derive from all that they did in the country? So even if you write or you have already written thousands of letters to all the leaders in this world, especially to Africa leaders that will NOT save you because they have their own problems in their countries to solve. If any one of them told you that he or she would rescue you, that leader or former leader he or she is lying to you.

Please to avoid that I would like you to take the patriotic steps of late former Vice President S. I. Koroma who was one of the great founders of the APC party that you are enjoying today. When his late former President Siaka P. Stevens prevented him from becoming his successor.  Patriotic, peace and development oriented Sierra Leonean SI Koroma, stopped his supporters who wanted to fight for him. He told them not to fight for him. Let them allow God to fight for him because he did not want the poor people’s lives perish because of him according to reports. Can you imagine? Knowing SI Koroma who he was in the country in those days saying such words.

 So Sam-Sumana  mind you those that currently saying to you “hosanna, hosanna” it is because they want to make your issue as a pathway to cause unrest problem in the country at the end they will turn and say “crucify” him, “crucify” him as they did to Foday Sankoh, Hinga Norman and others. Many Sierra Leonean politicians are too ungrateful.

Therefore, please sit quietly, if you have finished your registration and plan yourself well. If anybody pushes you now to form a political party, that individual/s wanted you to waste your money because this is not the time. Considering the number of months that left for the general elections and the process involved in registering a political party in the country. Therefore, I would advise you to engage yourself in a proactive patriotic development programs, including doing good business and community development project programs, especially if you have not done that in the country in order to prepare yourself well if and only if you want to form a political party.

Nonetheless I am still appealing to my brothers and sisters’ Sierra Leoneans, particularly the peace, unity, progress and development oriented Sierra Leoneans both at home and abroad not to relent in waging war against tribalism, regionalism and violence or war promoters in the country by exposing them. We should not sit and wait until something happened before we shout. Therefore, this is the time we should shout before we are late. The AK47 bullets and the Kamajor bullets will not know who is Sama Sumana supporters, APC supporters or SLPP supporters, neither will they know who is a journalist. They will kill anyone they will meet. So home is home. Let us give peace and development a chance. There is no place sweeter than Sierra Leone.


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