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Poro Initiation Aftermath: Ibrahim Kamara Still Missing…Family Afraid He Could Be Dead

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Poro Initiation Aftermath: Ibrahim Kamara Still Missing…Family Afraid He Could Be Dead


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It could be recalled that the father of Ibrahim Kamara Pa Abass Kamara was the sole custodian of the traditional Poro Society in Sanda Loll in the Port Loko District, northern part of Sierra Leone.

Pa Kamara was responsible for initiating young boys and men into the society. He was so powerful that people referred to him as the ‘Wind’ who disappears and reappears whenever his name is mentioned. He was known by many for his skills in healing people affected with traditional illness and he had actually healed hundreds of people who traveled from far and wide seeking solution to their problems.

But Pa Kamara was unable to survive Ebola after he was reported to have attempted to cure one of his members who was afflicted with the virus.

However, since his death in 2015 the chiefs and leaders of the society asked his family to present the son of the late man called Ibrahim Kamara to succeed his father in the society.

But rumor has it that Ibrahim Kamara declined to join and take over his father’s position in the Poro Society. This has caused serious challenges for the Kamara family in Sanda Loll as the traditional authorities issued a one week ultimatum for Ibrahim Kamara to show himself at the sacred shrine for cleansing and initiation.


Explaining to this medium, the uncle of Ibrahim Kamara, Brima Kamara revealed that the sudden disappearance of their nephew has caused serious impact to the family leading to the death of the young man’s mother Aminata Kamara who died the same year Ibrahim went missing due to pressure from the society members and the disappearance of her only son.


Brima Kamara continued to explain that their family is still under pressure and that he had to travel out of the country with his family in order to avoid being harmed by members of the Poro Society.

The disappearance of Ibrahim Kamara has caused the leaders of the society to point fingers on the Kamara family for being responsible for his disappearance. 


According to close sources at the village, the society had been placed on hold until they find and locate Ibrahim Kamara who according to the Poro rules must undergo some ceremonies at the shrine.

It was also revealed that members of the society have been ordered to go in search of the young man in the city and in the provincial towns and villages.

To date, Ibrahim Kamara is yet to be found and there are allegations that the Poro Society was actually responsible for the death of Ibrahim Kamara’s two cousins and an aunt as retribution for the disappearance of Ibrahim Kamara.

As we went to press, the whereabouts of Ibrahim Kamara is still unknown but family members are convinced that if ever their son Ibrahim Kamara resurfaces in any part of Sierra Leone, he will be swiftly accosted and initiated into the Poro Society and if he refuses, he will swiftly be executed secretly and his body dumped where no one including his family members can find it.

A lawyer who is a close friend to Ibrahim Kamara’s family has advised that if Ibrahim Kamara is still alive, he must continue to keep in hiding or that if he is already dead, then so be it. 


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