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Poro Society in Sierra Leone Declares Man Wanted for Initiation

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Poro Society in Sierra Leone Declares Man Wanted for Initiation


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After surviving a whole year of repeated raids upon his family and friends residences across the country and harassments by secret members of the society, Abdulai absconded in 2011 and yet to be seen.

However, the escape of Abdulai has not stopped the society members from continuously hunting him day after day.

It can be recalled that Abdulai’s father had been one of the Gbanikas of the Poro Secret society for the past 15 years and according to their tradition the position of Gbanika can only be attained through succession, meaning Abdulai who is the eldest son must succeed his father upon his death.

After the successful burial of his father, a week later, members of the Poro Secret society visited their residence demanded that he (Abdulai) be prepared to replace his late father as the Gbanika of the society and must undergo robust initiation ceremony.

Abdulai’s mother, Ramatu Sesay refused to give up her son due to the fact that her son is no way connected to secret society and she will not allow them to take him.

During the process a scuffles erupted between members of the society and relatives of Abdulai, but he managed to escape the scene.

According to close family sources, Abdulai managed to flee the country after he secure help from a friend.

Also, close sources within the society, revealed that the search for Abdulai is still ongoing as members of the society are still harassing members of his family to the extent that they have been limited from enjoying and attending certain functions in the village.

It was revealed that a bounty was place on the head of Abdulai and a handsome reward was placed for any person who will show his way about.

Meanwhile, family members have resisted all urge to participate in all traditional activities and rumors have it that they are planning to leave the village soonest.

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