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President Koroma loved by so many around the world, except by Sierra Leone’s desperate opposition

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President Koroma loved by so many around the world, except by Sierra Leone’s desperate opposition


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This so called desperate opposition operatives has the nerve to be so indignant about our Country mishaps, when they didn’t even know how to respect themselves and proffered any reasonable solutions towards their frivolous criticism, and their unsubstantiated claims about our President and his government!. Every right-thinking Sierraleonean would recognizes that President EBK is a Great Man, and they knows he is a GREAT President, that have transformed Sierra Leone into a better place for all, and make it a tourist attracted destination. For such developmental strides that’s why Bulk of Sierraleoneans were chanting “more time” “third term” for him, because he is a result oriented personality, with a spirit of humility.

I have never in my life seen such hate in this country. Even though if you’re not a supporter/fan of our dynamic President; but I want you to simply understand that, he is a man that loves transparency, he is a compassionate leader, his desire for us all is to see a better Sierra Leone, with equal opportunities for all, and what he is doing is for the benefits of every right thinking Sierraleoneans; his lack of fear, fulfilling his promises, and most of all, he has no hidden agenda or anything else, that what makes him very much exceptional amongst past leaders of our Country.

Those folks who just hate him do so because he is not scared of them. Why don’t we just give this prayerful, extraordinary straight forward, God fearing leader, non smoking and non drinking, loving father chance to run our country his way, with the guidance of the Almighty God, and not the way of the previous money hungry, self absorbed, hidden agenda, power loving, long cabin green mendecrate politicians who we have come to know so well, as nothing but enemies of sustainable developments.

Our President getting criticized for praying publicly, when he pay a courtesy call to the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu! From desperate opposition operatives, it sounds ridiculous though; I believe so, but then again I choose to give people a chance, and most of all, allow them to exposed their level of incomprehension of socioeconomic political issues, I gave them their chance, but they misplaced such Golden opportunity.

I Never, have seen APC in opposition at that time hated either of their abysmal leadership, and their lack of intelligence towards good governance. And I don’t and didn’t, ever remembered such kind of hatred or desperation coming from the opposition APC party at that time, as it is now in the open from these long cabin green guys of the most defunct opposition SLPP party. We all have different thoughts and views on everything! But love for our beloved Country should TRIUMPHED OVER everything and in this case, there is just a sad lack of love in and for this Country, amongst desperate opposition operatives who want to win an elections by making all kinds of fabricated lies about our Country that are not in existence.

But I want to say Congratulations to President Koroma, for stepping up with such solemnity and respect by not giving in to all these hateful rhetorics from these power thirsty mixed breed, and he is focused on getting things done for our Country and he did it regardless of the detestation and obstructionist that seek to destroy Our Country by way of their nasty politics, dragging their feet to delay, slow down and try to impede National Development.

The Long cabin green guys of the defunct SLPP party have proven themselves to be unworthy of public trust and responsibilities of our National Heritage and protecting the well being and safety of the lives of every Sierraleoneans. SLPP have proven themselves to not representing the bulk of the people of this country by making priorities of their own tribalistic agendas/ill ideologies and policies that have failed our country and our people, for decades. SLPP and other desperate opposition operatives I believe are working hard to bring down our President and his agenda down, and they are actively involved in treasonous activities that would hurt us all.

Our President has tried in his own capacity as President of our Republic, to make Sierra Leone a better place for us all, and make it strong again as the Athens of West Africa, and to give voice to the people that elected him in our everyday deed and actions, thank you for that Mr President and we will support you completely, as the more the Long cabin green guys do to hurt you, they are really hurting Sierra Leone and that shows the people how much harder and stronger we need to support you. We will defend you and support you and we are an army for you to use if needed. Those that seek to hurt you and Sierra Leone are indeed domestic enemies of our Country. God Bless you Mr.President and your government, and may He continue to give you the strength, wisdom and understanding, and help to save our Nation. God Bless our beautiful motherland Sierra Leone.We live in one of the richest Country in Africa, if not the world (full of natural resources and natural endowments.)

We always identify ourselves as children’s of God, but as a country we lack selfless citizens, devoid of any strings attached. We live in a country so blessed even our enemies want to live here. It’s a country where literally your imagination and your career can go hand in hand. We should support our President, and give him a helping hands where it is necessary 100%, not because we believe in everything he says or does, but because he is our elected president, because if he succeeds as our President, then our Country will eventually Succeed.

Self-Sacrificing Citizens have given their last breath so that our democracy and developmental strides made by our President could and would live on. You may not have show of hands or sign of civility for President Koroma, and that’s okay we are not Living in an authoritarian society, you will not be imprisoned (because freedom of speech is guaranteed, and we are living in a democratic society). I only ask that you respect the position. Ask yourself, have I done anything to make changes?(in your own little way as a citizen) If not go out and affect change. Words without action are just words. Go out and help your local community, give away your time for free, go and enlist in something beneficial to your society, offer your free time up as a volunteer. I dare you to affect change, you will find a lot better platform than wasting your time on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Twitter etc… to give your free time to your community self help project and develop yourself as young person by being a creative entrepreneur; and develop to share your beliefs and values I promise, you will contribute immensely by making Sierra Leone a preferable place in your own little ways.

Thanks to all the men and women who have sacrificed their all to make Sierra Leone look more advantageous than detractors could imagine, so that our children, children may follow this footprints of their ancestors .

Of course President Koroma is more trusted beyond imagination, he is a man of his words. What he says – he does – no more, no less. He’s really hit the ground running. Well done Sir! Keep up the good work. You have many more supporters backing you than you have haters criticising you. God bless…

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