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Republic of Guinea……. Lessons for Professor Alpha Conde

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Republic of Guinea……. Lessons for Professor Alpha Conde


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He should have learnt a lesson from his African counterparts! This unconstitutional third term bid he is trying to impose on his people now was something he fought against until he became president later on claiming that; his predecessors were not democratic. Based on this his people are denying him any bloody third term constitutional amendment.

He fails to realize that these people are the power itself he is holding on right now instead he is using the army and the police to shoot them in a broad day light.

The professor should have borrowed from Nigeria when General Obasanjo in 2006 wanted to influence the senate to endorse him for third term but it back fired because the senate unanimously voted against it. He bowed his final bow. His successor Good Luck Jonathan tried it against General Buhari the current president during elections in 2013 or so but he was denied by the whole nation through the ballot box. He bowed honorably.

In Ghana one of the most influential African presidents Duramanie Mahama who succeeded professor John Ata- Mills and later contested for his second and final term he woefully lost against the opposition! He bowed without any regret and he is living a pleasant life today.

President Abdulai Wade tried it in Senegal but it did not work as the Senegalese Army warned him ahead of the elections not to even contest anymore and he yield to their demand. Later on when the current president Maki Sall had taken over he wanted to push for his party’s leadership so that he could use it as a platform to make a smart come back but even his very political party rejected him. At another pointing time he wanted to impose his son on the party to succeed him but the party rejected that too!

Liberians denied their former president Ellen Johson Sirleaf when she tried to impose her son on them. When that failed, she pushed her Vice president to challenge Opon Weah in the opposition but the citizens went mad at her and her candidate. They voted her candidate out and elected their Choice Opon Weah who is ruling them now.

Laurent Gbabo refused to hand over power to his successor Alhassan Watara after elections in the Ivory Coast. After the failure of diplomatic interventions the angry mob stormed his house and entered his bed room where he and his wife were in pajamas to physically remove him from power! He was dragged to the ICC to account for the lives and properties lost as a result of his autocratic behavior!

The story of The Gambia, when president Jammeh, refused to hand over power, after his defeat in their last elections to Adama Barro. He was forced to quit state house.

Husni Mubarak in Egypt, Zainul Abideen in Tunisa, Butafilka in Algeria, Mugabe in Zimbabwe and Omarul Bashir in Sudan. These are all lessons for Professor Alpha Conde after being in power for 10 years now! He is at the age of 81 years now so by 2020 when his constitutional second term comes to an end he will be 82 if everything goes well.

What a blessed retirement and what a good end one would not want to see? Who would not want to die @ home and be buried in his village cemetery or in any national park!

This is the time he should behave like a professor who has love for his country and decide to leave power with honor and dignity in 2020 so that Guineans can choose whosoever they want to lead them from 2020 to 2025!

I hope he will see this piece of advice and consider it or I am afraid he is going to die in exile in France that is still backing him.

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