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REVEALATIONS DURING PA KABBAH’s DEATH… President Koroma: Why Now Thou Speaketh The Truth?

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REVEALATIONS DURING PA KABBAH’s DEATH… President Koroma: Why Now Thou Speaketh The Truth?


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Pa Kabbah, as fondly called by Sierra Leoneans, has been negatively labelled with different descriptions by his colleague politicians especially those in the ruling All Peoples Congress (APC) led government. The Voiceless could vividly remember in 2007 when the APC government took over the reign of political power, all they could tell Sierra Leoneans were: ‘President Kabbah did not leave a single kobo into the Central Bank; that President Kabbah’s Government was corrupt in such an alarming manner that international donors decided to cease funding to the Government of Sierra Leone; that President Kabbah was a tribalist; that President Kabbah did not end the decade civil war because it was a collective effort of all Sierra Leoneans who said enough was enough; that President Kabbah was a foreigner; that President Kabbah has failed Sierra Leoneans…’ the negative nomenclatures continued from 2007 until recently when he died, then beautiful and positive revelations started oozing out.

It is ironical to see and hear those who were bashing and lambasting the late President are today praise singing him after his death. This act of dishonesty and hypocrisy makes many people to detest African politics, and to an extent that God openly condemned their actions.

Borrowing from the Holy Bible, Psalm Chapter 5 Verses 5-6 states that: “He shall destroy them that speak leasing; the Lord will abhor the bloody and deceitful man”. Verses 9-10 furthered that “For there is no faithfulness in their mouth, their inward part is very wickedness, their throat is an open sepulcher, they flatter with their tongues. Their mouth is full of cursing, deceit and fraud under the tongue is mischief and vanity.”

Unfortunately, Sierra Leonean politicians had the conviction that the benefits of their politics is only in this earthly world, so they have ignored what the scripture is saying. But one thing that must come out very clearly is that God authoritatively said in Proverb 11-19 that “As righteousness tendeth to life, so he that pursueth deceit and lies pursueth it to his own death.”

To further substantiate this, the Holy Quran defined a lie as a falsehood uttered or acted for the purpose of deception. It is an intentional violation of the truth. Lie is an untruth spoken with the intention to deceive. According to Muhammad Marmaduke Pickthall, in his book, ‘The Meaning of the Glorious Quran’, “anybody who is a liar is a big hypocrite and hypocrites are totally condemned”.

In the Holy Quran, Verses 1-11 of the Suratul Al-Munafiqun, Allah said: “When the hypocrites come to you (Oh Muhammad), they say, we bear witness that you are indeed Allah’s Messenger. And Allah knows that you are indeed His Messenger, and Allah bear witness that the hypocrites are false.” Allah continued in His Holy Quran that the hypocrites make their faith a pretext so that they may turn (Men) from the way of Allah.

Even though our politicians seem to ignore scriptural interpretations because of the earthly benefits, yet The Voiceless still believe that lie and hypocrisy work together and one cannot go without the other. Our politicians are used to telling lies in order to score political gains; this is why Mohammad (PBH) says in one of his Haddiths that those who deliberately tell lies and speak evil of the innocent, they will certainly be kept in the deepest and hottest part of ‘the hell fire’.

Before his death, the former Sierra Leone’s People Party (SLPP) Leader has been ill for the past months and rumoured dead on several occasions. It is important to state here that even though The Voiceless laud President Ernest Bai Koroma for declaring a week long mourning that started on Friday 14th March 2014 with the flying of the country’s national flag at half mast as well as the allocation of two billion Leones by his government, certain things needed to be clarified. Among them are: Why only after Pa Kabbah’s death that Sierra Leoneans were reliably told that he was not a tribalist but a unifier and a true patriot; that he was not an anti-democrat but a Great Giant of Democracy; that he did not mismanage the country’s money but rather during his tenure Sierra Leone enjoyed a debt relief; that Pa Kabbah deserves honour because of his reformation and establishment of democratic institutions that serves as the vanguard for the country’s development. What an unfortunate statement!

APC, Why now thou speaketh the truth when all these years Sierra Leoneans were deprived of the adequate truth?  A glaring truth which Sierra Leoneans were deprived of was the One Million United States Dollars donated to Sierra Leone by the late Libyan President, Colonel Muhammad Gadafi. Today, Sierra Leoneans have been able to understand that the Libyan rice that was ‘vuvuzelarized’ by the APC in 2007 was sold and the money was used to establish the National Social Security and Insurance Trust (NaSSIT) of which President Koroma was the Chairman in Parliament (i.e as opposition leader in Parliament).  In his tribute, President Koroma recalled that as opposition leader he worked with Pa Kabbah on some of his enduring legacies, including the establishment of NASSIT and ensuring a smooth transition from one democratically elected President to another in 2007.

When Pa Kabbah said in 2007, before officially handing over the presidential staff to President Koroma that: “My government inherited a public debt of 1.6 billion. With stringent financial practice, today we enjoy total debt relief and over Le 500 billion at the Central Bank for use by your government,” this was blatantly denied by the current Minister of Information and Communications, Alhaji Alpha Khanu. Also, another APC minister once said that Pa Kabbah is a Guinean and not a patriot of Sierra Leone. That, according to the minister, was the reason why Pa Kabbah built one of the biggest houses in Conakry, Guinea.

The revelations during Pa Kabbah’s death abound, but why only after his death? I wished God would have awakened him at least for an hour to receive all the glowing tributes from his detractors before his final departure on this treacherous earth.

As The Voiceless join the Kabbah family to grief in pain, let me further quote President Koroma’s tribute to his predecessor in extension: “He was a great Sierra Leonean, a man who stood tall at critical moments of our country’s recent history. In honoring him today, we are also identifying with his actions for peace during the civil war; we are also affirming his dedication to a democratic vision for this country; and we are commemorating his achievements as a political leader, as a high level international civil servant with the United Nations, and an international statesman leading elections observation missions all over Africa.” This is the Pen of the Voiceless Sierra Leoneans.


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