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Ronald Emile Debia Nicol-Wilson Passes On A prominent Sierra Leone Educationist, UN staff, Entrepreneur laid to rest in Namibia

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Ronald Emile Debia Nicol-Wilson Passes On A prominent Sierra Leone Educationist, UN staff, Entrepreneur laid to rest in Namibia


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AYV News, February 12, 2024

A prominent Sierra Leone Educationist, UN staff, Entrepreneur, Mr. Ronald Emile Debia Nicol -Wilson passed away in Windhoek, Namibia, Southern Africa on Wednesday 31st January, 2024 at age 75 years.


He was laid to rest on Friday 9th February, 2024, at the St. Mary’s Cathedral – Windhoek in Namibia where mourners from across the world attended the funeral.


Vice President of the Republic of Namibia, Hon. Mrs. Netumbu Nandi Nditua was among several other dignitaries who joined the Nicol-Wilson family including the wife Mrs. Melvina Adesola Nicol-Wilson, Children, Mr. Melron Nicol-Wilson and Mr. Verile Nicol-Wilson and other family members, to pay final respect to the late Mr. Ronald Emile Debia Nicol-Wilson.


The Life of Mr. Ronald Emile Debia Nicol-Wilson



Mr Ronald Emile Debia Nicol-Wilson was born on the 2nd of September 1948 in Sierra Leone and is the second child of Mr Donald Azima Nicol-Wilson & Mrs Henrietta Nicol-Wilson.



Mr Ronald Emile Debia Nicol-Wilson attended the Wilberforce Primary Municipal School and the Prince of Wales Secondary School, in Freetown. Upon completion of High School, he proceeded to the Milton Margai Teachers College (now Milton Margai University) where he was trained as a Professional Teacher in the Sciences.

In his quest for more knowledge, Mr Nicol-Wilson did further studies at the Njala University College and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in science (Chemistry, Biology and Physics) with distinction in Practical Teaching. He later did Postgraduate Studies in Curriculum Development with the University of South Africa.



Mr Nicol-Wilson’s professional journey started at the Albert Academy (during the Principalship of Max Bailor) were he started working as a Boarding Home Master and a Chemistry and Biology Teacher in 1971, immediately after graduating from Milton Margai Teachers College.

He taught at the Albert Academy full time and at Milton Margai College on a part time basis until March 1990 when he took up a job with the United Nations Development Program in Namibia, shortly after that Country became independent from South Africa.

His role in Namibia was both challenging and interesting, as he was responsible to develop a new curriculum for Chemistry, Biology and Physics for Teacher Training Colleges in Namibia.

This was a daunting task in a country previously dealing with a Bantu education curriculum (the Official Sub-Standard System of Education for Black South Africans).

With his passion for education, Mr Nicol-Wilson was able to accomplish this task with ease, thus earning himself great respect by his colleagues and Ministry of Education Officials in Namibia.



At the age of 60, Mr Nicol-Wilson retired to concentrate full time on a part time business (MELRILE GUESTHOUSE & TOURS) in the Hotel and Tourism industry in Namibia that he has started with his wife who was an English Lecturer at the University of Namibia. He was Co-Owner and Co-Proprietor of this very successful business until his demise on the 31st of January 2024.

Man of the People:

Those who came across Mr. Ronald Nicol-Wilson throughout his life met a good man. He is what William Shakespeare in the Play, Hamlet Prince of Denmark, was referring to when he said: ‘what a piece of work is man!

How noble in reason! How infinite in faculty! In form and moving how express and admirable! In action how like an angel! In apprehension how like a god! The beauty of the world! The paragon of animals! And yet, to me, what is this quintessence of dust.

Mr Nicol-Wilson was a good and peaceful man and always strove to ensure peaceful coexistence among members of his family, his students, and friends. He contributed significantly to the promotion of   education in the Science field in Sierra Leone and Namibia.

He was a successful entrepreneur and did ‘social businesses’ by striking a balance between social objectives and financial goals. He made a lot of friends among his guests and clients. He had very good interpersonal skills and was a ‘people’s man’ and truly loved by many.

Mr. Nicol-Wilson believed and always said that ‘’the only certainty in life is Death’’. This is expressed in the Latin Maxim ‘Mors Certa, Vita Incerta’ which in English means that ‘Death is Certain, Life is not’.

Mr Nicol-Wilson has passed away in fulfilment of the biblical passage that man born of a woman is of few days.

He will be greatly missed by his wife Mrs Melvina Adesola Nicol-Wilson, his sons, his siblings, and his friends.

May His Soul Rest In Perfect Peace. Amen


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