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September 6, 2017, who will President Koroma trust?

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September 6, 2017, who will President Koroma trust?


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I’d like to take the opportunity and build on that by presenting and providing my view on this very important issue of Trust in the current APC flagship race:


Once that risk has been assessed as not being a viable course of action, how do you as a leader (both professionally and personally) give the other the understanding of the loss of Trust?


With Honesty. Present the argument in a clear fashion. Place the ball firmly in the other’s court -so to speak – and hope that he’s in a position or have the ability to return the ball. In the event that the ball is lost. Cut your losses and move on. But know that by going the distance of breaking the silence on this sacred issue of relationships you have at least given the other full awareness of the situation. So professionally you may have lost a collaborator or a deal, but as a human being you have walked with another to the knowledge of himself -which at the end of the day benefits us all.

 Since President Koroma made his intention clear that he’s not interested in third term Presidency, Sierra Leoneans from all works of life continue to ask this question:

“Who Will President Koroma Trust With The APC Presidential Flagship Ahead of the Coming Transitional Elections”? Make no mistake about it there are so many unethical things under the carpet, but there are also very few good things to write home about.

We continue to see so many people declaring their intention to succeed President Koroma under the red sun of the incumbent APC Party. And all of these aspirants are nearly saying the same thing:

“My blessings to aspire for the APC flagship are from President Koroma and am his most trusted lieutenant among his team”.

I decided to commence on my own search for the meaning of the word trust.

It means:  to attach oneself,  to confide in,  to feel safe,  to be careless.

To be careless? How does that make sense?

To be honest, the last definition stunned me a bit, but it also got me thinking about President Koroma’s current situation.

Here’s my position on what it means to be careless when it comes to trust:

We trust another without thinking. It means knowing that you don’t have to look over your shoulder if something comes up. You know without a shade of a doubt that the person on the other side of the bargain is going to be concerned for your interests as well as their own. In other words, you’re not in it alone. There is someone who is not only looking out for what is good for him, but what is good for you too. This is powerful because it means that he will look out for you no matter what the circumstance may be—and because of that you can trust without thinking about it.

We trust without watching what others do. When you can trust blindly, it means you don’t have to worry that the target of your trust won’t come through for you. It means that you do not have to worry about how to take care of yourself with that person, because he’s going to be concerned about you too. When you trust another you don’t have to be on guard that he will deceive you. It means that you do not have to warden yourself with him, because he’s going to be concerned with what is good for you.

We trust without care or trouble. When you trust another, you don’t have to be concerned that he will do or say something nasty behind your back. You do not have to watch your back with him, because he is going to be watching it for you. Unbelievable things happen when you don’t have to always protect yourself or feel guarded. You can actually relax.

When true trust is present, you can be careless with each other, you can be open with each other, you can take risks with each other, you can learn from each other, and you can leverage the fact that you don’t have to always be watchful and protective of yourself.

 Sincere trust is having access to another without having to worry; it allows you to be careless.

 And for President Koroma to trust someone with the APC flagship 6th September 2017, President Koroma must have been opened and vulnerable to that person in a number of ways. President Koroma must have given access to that person; because it’s very clear that when access is given, trust increases. When access is earned, more is built, and as more is built more is given.

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