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Sierra Leone, a true sense of paradox as a land of milk and honey

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Sierra Leone, a true sense of paradox as a land of milk and honey


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I have got to believe that they only way to taste that milk and honey you have to belong to red or green.

Let me focus my lens elsewhere, since the day I was born in this small West African country call Sierra Leone, the only guarantee changes are morning and evening. When I go to bed, I know for sure that morning will come. When I wake up, I also know for sure that the night will fall.

I am strongly believing, if this divine grace i.e. ‘morning’ and ‘night’ are controlled by SLPP and APC, by now Sierra Leoneans would have been sleeping or more confused than we are now. Because APC will control the night, while SLPP will control the day.

Sierra Leoneans are tired of witnessing backwardness and arrested development in the name of these two old fashion political parties i.e. Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) and the All People’s Congress (APC).

In my view, the mission and vision for which these two parties were established have been washed away through tribal and regional lines.

Look at the sad state of affair that occurred this afternoon, and this accident followed just after a three day successful Bintumani Peace Conference. We are tired of all the political talks and unnecessary waste of state resources.

You knew as a Government that these people would be nullified at some point as MPs and you sworn them in as MPs, paid them salaries, appointed them into various Parliamentary Committees and now you’ve ripped them off such respect all in name of the rule of law must be supreme. The rule of law in Democracy is for those who own the power full stop.

My advice to political party supporters, the time is now for you to learn sense, some of you were not direct beneficiaries during the 10 years of APC rule and those in SLPP we still have and seeing many very broke and nothing to show as loyal party supporters of the current regime.

My advice to you is simple, learn something, my brothers and sisters, politics is seasonal. When the season ends, try something else.

Most of the people I saw on social media video footages shared are poor victims molested and assaulted in the name of party supporters, while the top guys were in the party office locked inside an AC ROOM Office. Other big guns in the party were in their homes watching or in overseas with their wives and families.

‘Salone man nor d lan sense.’

I am still bewildered that we have not learned any sense from the senseless 10 years’ civil war in this country.

We have not learned from how the Ebola VIRUS DISEASE DISGRACED us as a nation exposing our poor state of affairs when it comes to responding to a crisis.

We have not learned as a nation how the August 14th, 2017 flash floods destroyed homes and families.

We have not learned how sorry is our educational system.

We have not learned how we have been viewed by foreigners.

Why did my parents lie to me that Sierra Leone is a land of milk and honey?

This is sad!

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