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Therefore, President Koroma, Sierra Leoneans need more very serious disciplinary measures in the country against corrupt activities, indiscipline and lawlessness. Because no serious or honest investor, businessman or woman will like to invest where those who supposed to obey the laws of that country are deliberately refusing to do so. Because of their big titles, political influence or connection, such as political party flag bearer, professor, doctor, lawyer, journalist, manager or human rights activists. People with such titles should be good pacesetters for the common man or woman in the street, in terms of obeying the laws of the state.


But unfortunately many Sierra Leoneans normally use such BIG titles and political connections to bulldoze the laws of the land. Ask the police, they will tell you more about that. It is a very sad situation in the country. Becouse it is very hard to see  such unpatriotic attitude and behaviour take place in civilised countries, including Australia. For big man or woman to break the law wilfully because he or she is a Minster, MP, magistrate, court prosecutor, police, doctor, director, manager, politician, political party flag bearer, lawyer, journalist or human rights activist etc.


Can you imagine a so-called Sierra Leonean telling his own country president, “useless and corrupt President Koroma,”  in one of the newspapers’ comments online?  If such a person is caught and jail for openly been disrespectful to his or her president,what will you say? Believe it or not, no ordinary man will dare telling his president “useless and corrupt” openly, especially when there is no evidence to proof that. It is a gross indiscipline and  lawless attitude and behaviour.


Such crude comments would only be made by some of the uncultured elites educated fools bush men and women who are fortunate to have  their education by chance. Because any well disciplined and well civilised Sierra Leoneans, especially those from good homes will not use any vulgar or crude language against any person, particularly decent, sincere and honest people in society, before I will say his or her President regardless of the situation.


When Bill Shorten, the opposition Leader for Labor political party in Australia was alleged to have broken one of the traffic laws in August 2015, “he was driving and sending text”, he was asked by the police and the general public to face the consequence of breaking the law. In good faith he accepted the allegation to be true with apology. “Nobody is above the law, he said.”  And by then non of his party supporters insulted anybody, neither they had time to politicise the issue, like naive Sierra Leoneans usually do, because they (Labor party supporters) new that the law has to prevail. Despite he is a political party Leader he has to face the consequence of the law.


In view of that I am wondering when Sierra Leoneans will start to accept their faults or accept their wrong doing, especially the so-called elites with their unpatriotic and unnationalist political town criers of foul play, particularly whenever the laws are being enforced. Please read the attached document later below to see how people (Australians) are well civilised and honest with respect for their laws.


Please Mr President ensure that the law that the poor common man or woman would break and sent to court or jail  also applicable to the so-called Mr. Big man or Big woman and Mr or Ms political party flag bearer. Rest assure patriotic law abiding citizens and ICC are behind you in doing so.  Especially now that the general elections fever for 2018 symptoms (violence) started surfacing during the Kono district bye-election.  In order wards the country’s laws should not only be more effective when it comes to the poor, helpless and powerless men and women in the country. As it is in advanced countries like Australia where the laws are enforced on all levels, regardless of status or big title.


About two years ago when I visited the country, one of my friends asked me a question during our privileged conversation, why Australia and other Western world are more advanced than Africa, particularly Sierra Leone. I said to him that there are several factors towards that. I said to him, (1) the general citizens have passion for their countries, devoid of political part differences, tribe or region, (2), they have respect for their laws and leaders, (3), corruption is very minimal (4) their law enforcement agencies are more “corrupt” free than Africa, (5), they minimised indiscipline and lawlessness, (6), they are managing their resources very well for the benefit of their citizens etc.


So if we want peace, progress and development in the country, we must first have love for our country more than political parties and it laws should always be supreme. That is they should always be above every Sierra Leoneans and other nationals. Equality to the eyes of the law will bring more peace, progress and development. When the laws of any country are very effective in all levels they will surely bring progress and development into those countries.


There are many examples of how effective law implementation or sincere law enforcement will bring more progress and development in a country, especially if the law agencies that responsible for the implementation or enforcement of such laws are corrupt free and honest citizens.


I will not even have to give you examples from advanced and more civilised countries, include Australia where the Labor party opposition Leader, Bill Shorten who was caught driving and using his mobile phone was fine for using it while driving. He was asked by the police and the general public to pay the fine of $445 with a loss of four demerits’ points from his driving licences like any other ordinary person in the country.


Those are penalties for talking on phone or using it while driving. As I said, non of his political party supporters used vulgar language against the police for doing their job, either against the Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull. I wonder if it would have been in Sierra Leone what would have happened, where enemies of peace and development politicians are easy to incite violence or war for enforcing the law, because they are hungry for power?


In view of that if some of you who live in the country and also those abroad you are quick to  forget about some of the good and bad events that are taking place in the country because of political trauma, stress and depression that you are currently suffering from for chosen political party flag  bearers with heavy excess baggages, some of us despite we are millions of miles away but we are not forgetting  about the things that happening in our beloved mother Sierra Leone because we are not politically traumatised and depressed.


Especially in my view, when two outstanding true and honest patriotic beautiful women  with substance in the country brought lots of money into the country from the pockets of enemies of peace, progress and development (the corrupt elements Sierra Leoneans)  that destroying the country and the government for unpatriotic selfish personal gains. 


These two Iron ladies in the country brought in such huge revenues for the country’s progress and development through the process of the laws of the country. That is the effective and sincere enforcement or implementation of the law in the country.


The two hard working and true patriotic women: are the Auditor General, Mrs Lara Taylor-Pearce whose dedicated and committed work as true citizen unearth millions of Leones been converted by some unscrupulous self seeking Sierra Leoneans into their personal banks’ accounts and also the Iron Lady of NRA, Haja Kallah Kamara, how she frogmarched one of the so-called Managers of one of the companies in the country to the police for tax invasion.


Mr Manager was allegedly refused to report to the police for questioning for allegedly instructing his office men to stop tax collectors from entering his office company. Mr so-called manager wanted to use his big title to bulldoze the law. But Iron Lady (Kallah) told him that the laws of the land are bigger and they are also higher than him, therefore, he has to obey them.


 She was alleged to have also closed many tax invading companies’ offices in the country, while others were allegedly rousing to the banks to go and pay their taxes to avoid the wrath of Chief Kallah kamara. However, I don’t know if many Sierra Leoneans know what the name “Kallah” means. It means “Money” in Temne.


According to a typical Temne setting, when a very beautiful girl child is born in a family, they would “jokingly” say, “this nar kallah anybody woe go wan fo marradem he fo get good  mone”  in Krio. (This is money.  Therefore, anybody that may want to marriage her he should have enough money. Nonetheless, I don’t know if that is what her name “Kallah” means. So if you want to be friend with Madam Kallah Kamara, always be ready to pay your tax because she is an expensive beautiful woman that needs money for government development projects in the country.

However, please read the attached document below that I was talking about above in connection with the Labor opposition political party Leader in Australia, Bill Shorten, especially for those who always think and feel that they are above the laws of the country because of their positions, status,  big titles and political connections, how other people are so humbled and very respectful towards their laws.



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