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The fact is I have no two countries of birth. I only have one, which is Sierra Leone.  Even when I am filling some documents, in many cases some forms asked for place of birth. Which is an indication that if you are a foreigner you should not forget about where you came from. Therefore, as a foreigner in Australia, I always want my country, Sierra Leone to be safe and developed.

 I also believe that there is no Sierra Leonean who was born in Sierra Leone and travelled to other country that have two original birth certificate of his or her citizenship. Whether good or bad Sierra Leoneans have no two countries of birth certificates. If he or she has, is a fake one.  Even the children we are giving birth to some of the foreign countries we live, they only have one country of birth certificate, which is Australia if he or she is being born in Australia, American birth certificate, if he or she is born in America etc. Therefore, home is home. There is no place or country sweeter than one’s his or her own home country.

 In view of that we that live abroad, we should always have the thinking that we only have paper citizenships of other countries. Which we normally call “citizen-by paper” not by birth. Such citizenships are of no guarantee. Because, sometimes they could be easily taken from us at any point in time, especially for certain reasons, including when committing heinous crime. There are some Sierra Leoneans who have been in America but now, for one reason or another they cannot go there.

 So if you failed or deliberately refusing to give peace and development a chance in the country and it happens that for any reason, your citizenship by paper is taken away from you, where will you go or run to? You will have nowhere to go because you have been inciting violence and war in the country. Therefore, you will be afraid or fear to return home because of lack of patriotism and nationalism as a true Sierra Leonean because of self-destructive interest. Therefore, you will end up exiling yourself forever without anybody exiling you.

 But if you allow peace and development to take place in the country and things are good for you and you want to go home and rest or help the country in its development or things seem to be a bit difficult for you, like any other Sierra Leoneans living outside the country, he or she will easily have a safe place call Sierra Leone to return and help to develop the country or rest.

 In view of that we should give peace and development a chance in the country. Let us don’t allow our political ambitions, political hatred, grudges, tribalism or regionalism to overcome us at the expense of the hard earned peace that our poor people are currently enjoying. Look at what is currently happening in South Sudan. How poor innocent people are suffering in their own country. I will not even talk about what is taking place in the Middle-East because many of us know the satanic activities that is presently going on there. Peace loving citizens of those countries are crying for peace every day.

 In view of that peace is a very precious commodity. Therefore, by all costs we should not allow it to slip from us. Due to the fact that, lives are always valuable and useful where there is peace. But where there is no peace, lives are valueless or useless, as such they are completely meaningless, because individual or group can easily take your life and property no one to question him or her. In view of that, wicked and unpatriotic politicians should stop manipulating the intelligence of the vulnerable people, especially the youths in the country.

 As I said, if you make the country ungovernable or unsafe, if you are booted out of Australia, Asia, Canada, Europe or America, where will you go to, especially now that Europe and America are becoming difficult places to live? In fact now it is not easy for one to go to those countries to settle or to seek refuge, many of us know about that very well.

 So if you make Sierra Leone become unsafe, by creating all sorts of inciting violence and war political mushroom groups to promote such ungodly and unpatriotic attitudes and behaviour in the media, especially social media, do not think you will have a hiding place in Europe or America. As for Australia, that is completely impossible. Therefore, you are doing yourself more harm than good. Because you will not be allowed to seek refuge there or if you are living there you will surely be kicked out from that country because you cannot destroy your own country and hope to go and live on another country’s tax payers’ money.

 It is an open secret that many of our brothers and sisters living in Europe and America their minds are shaking every day because they do not know their faith because of the current political situation in those countries. Their faiths are currently in limbo, especially those that living there unlawfully, without proper papers. Some of us we are presently in sympathy with them because of their unknown dark future in America, especially if Donald Trump wins the elections and he is to implement his draconian internal and international policies, especially against foreigners.

 Therefore, you Sierra Leoneans that writing all sorts of direct or indirect inciting violence, war and unpatriotic comments because of political hatred, individual differences, grudges, tribalism and regionalism in the country at the expense of the poor masses, where will you go to tomorrow, father for bid it if Sierra Leone is to go on fire again? You will have no place in Australia, Asia, Europe and America to stay as I already stated

 Please let us always put Sierra Leone first in whatever we do, particularly in terms of its peace, safety, security and development. NO country in this world can develop without peace and the safety of its citizens. The fact is NO genuine businessman or woman or investor will like to go to unstable country to invest his or her hard earned money that will bring job opportunities for the people of that country.

 Therefore, patriotic and nationalistic Sierra Leoneans should always be alert for the security of the country. The fact is enemies of peace, progress and development are not sleeping. They are always working 24/7 round the clock to find ways and means of implementing their diabolical evil plans against the country, especially the political power hungry hunters. They are always looking for a loophole so that they will go to the top of Mount Everest to make unpatriotic comments at the expense of the nation’s peace.

 They do not want to know about the suffering of the poor and powerless people they will cause in the country. Their concern is to have power by all costs. That is why some of them for any small skirmishes of violence in the country they will go to the peak of the hills and mounts to misinterpret the situation to suite their hidden agendas.

 In view of that Sierra Leoneans both in and out of the country should always beware of Satan and his agents of self-destruction. Therefore, we should not take any piece of information lightly. Let us don’t forget how Foday Sankoh and his Libyan Green-Book Sierra Leonean lieutenants’ war started in the country. It’s started by rumours, but by then such rumours were taken with a pinch of salt. Many times those who were the evil planners of such unforgettable suffering in the country were the first to dismiss the rumours to April-fool the people in order to hide their satanic devil incarnation plans against the country.

 Therefore, wherever there is smoke, in many cases there is always fire underneath. As a result, I would like to urge all peace loving and development oriented Sierra Leoneans not to neglect or easily dismiss the alleged audio clip that was said to have been made by a woman in the internet. Who was allegedly informing Sierra Leoneans in the internet that, there is a diabolical plan to attach the country from Liberia the border. It could be by the Liberia border or elsewhere.  Whether it is true or not, such news should not be neglected. Such threats should not be just dismiss so easily and go to our beds and sleep if we do not want history to repeat itself. All tough security measures should be put in place in order to always be on-top of things, especially in case of unexpected event/s in the country.

 Therefore, our patriotic and nationalistic dynamic security men and women should always be alter to treat accordingly any trouble maker/s in the country. No one is above the laws of the state.  In view of that they should not easily dismiss any rumour of pending violence or attract in the country and go into their rooms to sleep, particularly now that the elections fever is in the corner. They should work on such information with all seriousness it deserves.

 One thing with white people, no piece of information is useless to them. Any information they received, they will trace the source of such information. Even if it will take them a number of years to prove that tips they will do that. Like the said audio clip they will trace it origin or source and also like the alleged guns that were said to be used by the youths in Moyamba during their fracas in that place, they will leave no stone unturned in tracing the source of those guns.

 When the devil, Satan and his agents wanted to confuse Sierra Leoneans about the rumour of Liberia been attacked by unknown people using camouflage military uniforms and a Sierra Leonean woman in an audio clip in the internet was alleged to have informed the nation that unknown people were planning to attack the country from the Liberia border, that was the time we lost one of the most outstanding patriotic Sierra Leoneans in the country, Moseray Fadicka. His untimely death was completely over shadowed the entire rumours about the alleged pending attack in the country.

 The fact is, the agents of destructions want us to forget about the rumour so that they will continue their ungodly plans against the country.

 What happened recently in Kabala and Moyamba, makes me think to be a tip from the iceberg, if we don’t stand firm as Sierra Leoneans to say no to enemies of peace. Despite it was alleged to be youths versus state security – police. If the gallant securities would not have been on-top of the two ugly events in the country, what would have happened? Was it going to be like another South-East of the country in the early 90s?

 However, I really felt sad when I heard the loss of precious lives during the satanic situations in the country. Therefore, I will like to extend my sincere condolence to the bereaved families of the lost souls and to the entire country.

 Nonetheless, considering some of the evil things that are currently happening in the world, especially in West Africa.  Particularly the devil, Satan and his agents of destruction that are roaming in the region, there should be NO chance taking. In view of that the current suspension of the two (2) senior police officers should Not be used as a yardstick by enemies of peace and development to continue manipulating the poor and uneducated suffering Sierra Leoneans, especially the youths in the country. It should NOT also be used as a means to demoralise the high spirit of the hard working patriotic police in the country, because they have a sacred duty to perform as security men and women of the state, which is to maintain law and order.

 In view of that, any demonstration or a so-called peaceful demonstration in the country, especially any demonstration that loots properties and burns houses or buildings should not be treated lightly because it is no longer a demonstration.

 All over the world a peaceful demonstration does not loots properties and burn houses or offices. Therefore, no reasonable patriotic Sierra Leonean will call a barbaric and vandalism demonstration peaceful demonstration. Only those who believe in violence or war will call it peaceful demonstration.

 Therefore, our able professional security men and women should use their professionalism skills within the law to put under control any forms of barbaric or vandalism attitudes and behaviour in the country. They are charged with the responsibility of protecting the lives and properties of their fellow citizens in the country, and to maintain law and order.

 Therefore, peace, progress and development oriented Sierra Leoneans please, always pass on any relevant information, particularly concerning the country’s safety and security to the appropriate authorities. In view of that, as peace, progress and development loving Sierra Leoneans, we should always be watch men and women for the safety of the nation. We have tasted war, therefore we need NO more war, enough, is enough for us now.

 Therefore, I am encouraging all patriotic peace and development loving Sierra Leoneans to fervently pray day in day out for the safety of the country and the nation as a whole. We should also pray for some of our brothers and sisters who think and feel that violence or war is the only tool to use for their political success in the country to stop such unpatriotic satanic negative thinking against the country.

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