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SLPP Flag-bearers’ Alliance Indicted!

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SLPP Flag-bearers’ Alliance Indicted!


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However, she said that is fast becoming an unfortunate ‘talkshop’ at this time when the party needed the strength of the alliance the most, as they are busy attacking each other publicly.

She said she felt very disappointed hearing Lawyer Alpha Timbo attacking supporters of Dr. Kandeh Yumkella for speculating that they are doing well in the ongoing lower level elections of the party.

“….but I am not surprise he did, I know Alpha to be a stubborn man. I was one of those who persuaded him to join the SLPP and he was insistent that he is not a politician, that is what exactly he is exhibiting, he has always been a non-political being with his utterances” She blasted the Lawyer.

She said when Timbo started his presidential bid in 2010, she advised him to pull-out of the race given the fact that he is yet to mature politically for such venture, but she said he refused to listen to her; instead he misquoted her of saying that he was a kid.

Mrs. Jones went on to say that, when the idea of forming an alliance was agreed upon, she said advised them to appoint a candidate they will support for the flag-bearer position.

“….they did not listen to me, now look at what they are doing. They are just helping Maada’s assertion that he will beat all of them, to come to pass” the Old woman sadly said, adding that it would be a shame on them if that happens.

She said at this moment she expects the alliance to be monitoring the lower level process and at the end of the day, ready to analyze the outcome and present a proper case in their favor to the Political Parties Registration Commission, “but how would they do that, when they have allowed the excitements and speculations of their supporters to bring division in the alliance?” she questioned.

Commenting on the on-going lover level elections of the SLPP, former Deputy Defense Minister Amb. Joe Blell who is one of those contesting for the party’s national chairperson said there is nothing wrong for supporters of a particular flag-bearer candidate to claim victory.

He said what is wrong is for an aspirant to  see that as a reason to create rancor in the party, while others are putting in efforts to unite the party.

“We must be careful that we do not to deepen the confusion to a point, we have problems uniting against the All People’s Congress in 2018” Amb. Blell cautioned, adding that it is at this very critical moments members of the party particularly Flag-bearer aspirants should stop attacking each other.


He reiterated his usual point that it is important to the party, for some of those aspiring to be flag-bearers of the party to honestly ask themselves what can they offer to the party, if they are made flag-bearer.  

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