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SLPP ‘Solo B’ Rates APC Scorecard

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SLPP ‘Solo B’ Rates APC Scorecard


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The former vice president said the APC under President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma has attempted to continue the Sierra Leone People’s Party’s development agenda which according to him was put together by the SLPP to bring the war to an end.

The APC Lawyer Berewa went on, has done a lot of roads across the country, for which has gave accolades to the party’s leadership for, whiles stating that most, if not all of the roads worked upon by the APC, got their planning and financing projects initiated by the SLPP during its regime in governance.

Solo B went on that the SLPP government started the roads from Makeni to Masiaka and from Bo to near Masiaka and could not complete them as a result of the civil war back then as the government was constrained with funds to complete the projects.

He said the APC under President Koroma is merely completing and complementing the legacy of President Ahmed Tejan Kabbah under the past SLPP governance regime, adding that the APC now has all what it takes to complete these legacies; including peace, funds and donor partners’ supports to do so.

“I could have also done the same and even do more if I was elected president after President Kabbah left. I could have also continued with the legacy of President Kabbah on infrastructural and educational if I were elected president after President Kabbah. The stage was already set by President Kabbah of the SLPP and anyone who was to be elected next president at that the 2012 elections was just to step into President Kabbah’s shoe and easily implement those plans and take the credit.

In the area of educational development Lawyer Berewa revealed, the SLPP started giving free education to girls throughout the country but though not on large scale which according to him was as a result of the civil war them.

He said the SLPP was limited back then to completely achieve several of its projects and that he said was because they were more concentrated in ending the civil war which the APC and people of Sierra Leone are enjoying today.

Solo B said the APC took power at a time when the SLPP has ended the war and brought peace to this nation and for this reason he went on, much is being expected from the APC than the SLPP in terms of development.

The former vice president revealed that in one of his privileged conversations with President Koroma recently, he advised the latter that the maintenance of the Attitudinal and Behavioral Change (ABC) Secretariat is just a waste of resources which should have been used in other developmental projects.

He said attitudinal change need to be by example, starting with top.

“I told him before setting up an ABC Secretariat in an attempt to change people’s attitude there has to be a complete change of attitude by example. Let the people in position of authority make their lives a model that the people they command should follow.” Lawyer Berewa noted.

Speaking on his experience at the SLPP, Lawyer Berewa recalled reasons why he has resolved to withdraw and take the back seat on the party’s affairs.

He said the party has lately been transformed to something that does not match the standards they as older members stand. He said this is the first time in the history of a once very tolerant political party that its members have engaged in insulting and assaulting each other publicly.

“Sierra Leone is greater than everyone so it must be first in all we do. That was my advice to President Koroma and Maada Bio before, during and after the 2012 elections. This will again be my advice to those who will be contesting the 2018 elections.” Solo B stated.

He revealed that back then in 2010, he used to summon SLPP party stakeholders and flagbearer aspirants in his house to chart the way forward and bring unity to the party.

Unfortunately he went on, during and after the 2012 elections new faces start emerging for leadership in the party and there and then problems started emanating.

He said he could no longer get hold of those he used to summon in his house on peace talks and oneness of the party. He said: “Lots of strange faces with different negative body languages, thoughts and attitudes start emanating and no one could listen to anyone any longer. This was the genesis of the current problems that has been splitting the party apart since then to date.”

He said this escalated to a point where some people started leaving the party some other political parties and that he was able to calm down some who stayed and some went out.

He cautioned against undue hostility between political parties aspirants and their supporters and recommended that they should be seen preaching peace and harmony at all levels.

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