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SORRY, Mount Sugarloaf!

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SORRY, Mount Sugarloaf!


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Okay since this is all you wanted, take the victory. It is all yours. You win. You are the man. We painfully but graciously concede.

And we are sorry, since you think what you did was like playing and winning a basket ball match ontop of the mountain.

For us, the hills and the valleys will re-echo our cries.

So now that you got your victory, can you please at least open up your hungry stomach and release the remains of my people so we can give them a befitting burial?

We said sorry already, haven’t we?

We may have wronged you by invading and ravaging your space and we are sorry.

You were meant to be cherished as a forest reserve and not to be disturbed. For that again, we apologise – sorry Mount Sugarloaf.

Our people ignored all warnings in their desperation for shelter in the city.

If you felt offended by that, we are sorry.

They cut down the trees and moved away rocks that were supposed to keep you strong and alive, and today we regret those actions.

You must have cried bitterly and for so long, but no one listened. After all, those in authority and the invading residents thought they were doing you a favor of sharing residence with you.

Please pardon us. ‘We don beg now’.

It hurts you so much as evident in your angry reaction.

But did you have to fight back this way with that magnitude?

Did you have to roar this loud for us to hear your weeping voice? This was so rude of you, really.

Ain’t you sorry that you did not warn my people to vacate your space at least?

Or you actually did warn them that you have had too much of the invasion into your privacy?

Well, we noticed such warning signs somehow but we were too naive to understand what you were saying. We don’t speak the same language, remember.

Is that not sorry enough for you to understand?

Don’t you think you overreacted? Do you think you can go to bed and sleep after such wicked thunderous reaction?

You have to fight back even against innocent children? You should have spared these Angels at least since they had no stake in the decision to disturb you.

You should have listened to their little voices running and crying for help. Don’t tell me you did not here them shouting: ‘Oh my God…Nooooo….blood of Jesus, Lahilahilalahun, Muhamadan rasululah…Help…ooooooooooooooooo’.

Ain’t you any feelings?

You stretched your back and flipped over and now see what you have caused.

Do you know that you have succeeded in taking away fathers and mothers from their children?

Are you a petty thief to rob parents from their children in this manner particularly?

Are you that jobless and cheap to resort to fighting couples over their partners? Snatching husbands from their wives, vice versa?

Where you not here when they brutal civil war raped, maimed and killed our people?

Did you memory not alert you that we are still recovering from deadly Ebola?

Can’t you see we are undergoing too much suffering already? And yet you ain’t even saying sorry?

You rather have to shock and shatter us in this magnitude again? Are you a devil?

Okay let us be fair with you and say sorry for the pains we have caused you over the years. What do you have to say to us now?  Will you bring back our people?

Mount Sugarloaf we are sorry, but really?  You can do something like this to us.

Now that you have satisfied yourself, what else?

We may not know about your next steps, but we know you will regret the day you decided to return fire for fire.

My people will leave you in peace. You will be lonely again. You will seek and not find us.

You have done your worse.

We will mourn them as our fallen heroes while you remain the wicked mountain you are.

Unlike you, we have a heart that forgives and realises its mistakes.

So we we still say to you, we are sorry Mount Sugar Loaf

If you are still in doubt, Abdul Fonti is my name.

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