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Kenneth Jayah (born 16 July, 1997) is a Sierra Leonean activist, writer and developmental influencer, who gained his popularity through his endorsement deal as Brand Ambassador for one of the telecommunication operators in Sierra Leone.

He is a holder of Diploma in Gender Studies with a distinction from Fourah Bah College, University of Sierra Leone in 2018. As a young man who has the zest for education, Kenneth decided to further his education and is currently a second year student pursuing his Bachelor of Social Science in Gender Studies at the same university.

During Kenneth’s diploma course, he was awarded as the best student and class representative for 2018. At the shores of Fourah Bah College, Kenneth has been seen as a center of attention because of his hard work, dedication and intellectual requisites to deliver when given a mantle of leadership, he became the university’s face as he was assigned as the Project Coordinator for the Capstone Project called “FEM COLLECTIVE” that was initially organized to teach and proffer solutions on issues and tactical problems lead to gender inequalities in the world.

In national service and development, Kenneth’s face is not a lost mirror. In April 2016, he became the founder of a child right and youth lead organisation called Children Educational Forum, where he staged a Community Outreach against Teenage Pregnancy, Spelling Competitions for Primary Schools in Brookfields, and a Theatre Concert against Violence on Girls and Women in society.

He later became, in 2018, the first elected president of Children Educational Forum, with the plans of changing its name for the alignment of the core goals attached with globally youth activities.

In August, 2016, the founder and Executive Director of Madiba Project Incorporated, Mr. Mikhail Kallon came on a visit to Sierra Leone and got inspired by Kenneth’s effort in seeing that his organisation shape the educational sector of the community by nurturing young minds to dwell on the pillars of progress. Kenneth was made Education Coordinator for the Madiba Project that aims at providing forty feet (40ft) container of stationery materials. He distributed the first set of stationery materials to schools in Kenema, and also coordinated the supply of furniture to the Sierra Leone Library Board (SLLB), Institute of Public Administration (IPAM), and Ministry of Basic, Senior and Secondary Education (MBSSE).

He took part in collaborating with Ministry of Basic, Senior and Secondary Education (MBSSE) and China Embassy to ship two assorted containers of school materials in Sierra Leone. In line with the same trend, he was also one of the facilitators that took part in networking with the Sierra Leone Ambassador to China to bring two containers of school materials from Australia, but expected to slam on 29th July, 2021.

As part of his plans to combat illnesses found within the health sector, Kenneth was installed, from July 2018 to July 2020, as team leader for Community Health Club of Brookfields Zone, where he was trained to refer pregnant women for clinical check-ups, advise lactating mothers to take their children for vaccination and guide employees to foster proper completion of duties.

Due to his efficient services, he got the attention of My Father’s House Foundation as its Project Leader by supervising the smooth running, daily affairs and weekly reports of the project. He was one of the delegates and program planners for the first ever National Youth Leadership and Mentorship Summit staged by Ministry of Youth Affairs (MOYA) through Youth and Children’s Advocacy Panel (YACAP) at Hotel Albertson, Kenema district in 2018.

Two weeks after the summit, Kenneth and few of his executive members who took part in the summit were publicly awarded as New Generation Youth Leadership African Ambassadors. When he was interviewed by FTN, in his words, “This merit will create opportunities for the unlock doors in Sierra Leone”.

In line with the trend of his exposure, he started earning reputable international recognitions. In January, 2020, Kenneth was designated as Country Representative from Sierra Leone for the Studec Initiative on SDG’s summit at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. That was the time when he participated in raising relevant suggestions, initiating problem-solving activities and supporting team work.

He also fought hard to perform duties in accordance with regulatory guidelines. In December, 2020, the project ended up with meaningful impacts on the lives of affected people.

The following year, in November, Chartered Institute of Leadership and Governance also chose Kenneth as its Country Representative from Sierra Leone on Leadership Conference to Shearton Hotel, Dubai, with the aim of identifying issues, analysing problems and also providing solutions.

When Covid-19 cases started to increase in Sierra Leone, Madam Wokie appointed Kenneth as her Executive Assistant to work with The European Union, Freetown City Council, Lunch Box Gifts and Rudiger Foundation to coordinate the provision of sixty thousand (60,000) locally-made face masks for market women and communities.

He also went on by working with World Bank and Ministry of Technical and Higher Education in Sierra Leone to foster the completion of Skill Development Training (SDT) for female graduates from university and people with disability.

He served for more than a year by arranging conference and training junior staff on correctness.

In 2020, Kenneth became a volunteer as Country Coordinator for Lunch Box Gifts by engaging leaders through online teachings on modern methodologies, coding robots and drafting projects for less privileged children, especially orphans, to support their skills through empowerment programmes.

As support of President Bio’s flagship programme ‘Free Quality Education’, he supplied radios, school materials and facemasks to schools in the rural areas and trained members of the Radio Club on how to regulate their responsibilities.

The founder of Lunch Box Gifts, Ms Memuna Janneh, believed in Kenneth to a point that he still works with all her plans.

During his presidency at Children Educational Forum, he tried to maintain exemplary leadership attributes throughout his regime. In May, 2021, he lately became the Chief Executive Officer of African Youth Network, a leading organization that focuses to mitigate problems faced by youth.

One of his responsibilities is to negotiate terms of partnership acquisition with donors through the benchmark implementation of approved projects aimed at staging skill programs for youth. Through the shades of Chernor Bah’s image, who serves as founder of Purposeful, Kenneth was fortunate to involve in the just adopted National Youth Policy, headed the drafted feminist project held at Pearl Hotel and received an ambassadorial award for the first ever youth summit.

In normal life, Kenneth is a versatile being that possesses charisma in filming, public speaking, and virtual games.

His presence, as influencer, has geared the potentials of young people in society. He was part of the young activists that staged the protest for the five-year-old Kadijah Saccoh, who was alleged to have been killed of rape, but the public was later surprised to find out that the accused persons were acquitted and demanded for their immediate release from custody.

As he continues with inspiration through dexterity, he usually unveils his monthly quotations to transform the minds of people in society. Kenneth was recognised as Best Delegate at the SDG’s Summit organized by Strudec Initiative in Malaysia, country representative from Sierra Leone by Chartered Institute of Leadership and Governance at Leadership Conference in Dubai, Best Student in Gender Diploma for 2018 at Fourah Bay College (FBC) and Best Young Leader 2017 by Student Advocacy Network (SANET). He rose to fame by grabbing admiration from Malcolm X, Barack Obama and the Secretary General of CEF, Abubakarr Alusine Koroma. He aims at making the world an intuitional place as life continues to exist.

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