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The Race for State House has started: APC – Samura Kamara and Chernoh Bah to face SLPP – Maada Bio and Juldeh Jalloh after securing presidential and runningmate tickets

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The Race for State House has started: APC – Samura Kamara and Chernoh Bah to face SLPP – Maada Bio and Juldeh Jalloh after securing presidential and runningmate tickets


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Dr. Samura Mathew Wilson Kamara and Hon. Chernoh Maju Bah have formally secured the All People’s Congress (APC) Party’s presidential and runningmate tickets and will face President Dr. Julius Maada Bio and Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh at the polls in June this year.

Dr. Julius Maada Bio is current President of Sierra Leone, inaugurated on May 12, 2018 as the 5th President of Sierra Leone. Born on May 12, 1964 in Tihun, Sogbini chiefdom, Bonthe district, Dr. Julius Maada Bio is one of 35 children born to Paramount Chief Charlie Wonie Bio II, Sogbini chiefdom.

Dr. Bio completed his primary, secondary and undergraduate education in Sierra Leone. Always driven by a passion to serve his country, he started his illustrious public service journey as a school teacher before joining the Sierra Leone Army where he rose through the ranks as Brigadier. He previously served as Chief Secretary of State, Chief of Defense Staff, Minister of Information, Minister of Marine Resources, Deputy Head of State, and ultimately as Head of State of Sierra Leone from January to March 1996.

As Head of State, Dr. Bio presided over the conduct of the first democratic elections in Sierra Leone in nearly three decades. In Sierra Leone, Dr. Julius Maada Bio is popularly referred to as the “Father of Democracy” because of his outstanding contribution towards the restoration of democracy and attainment of peace in Sierra Leone.

He is a well-known Philanthropist and Humanitarian through the work of the Maada and Fatima Bio Foundation. The Foundation donated food and other items to victims and families affected by the 2014 Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone and during the environmental disasters of 2015.

Most recently, he was a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Bradford, United Kingdom, pursuing a doctorate programme in Peace Studies.

Dr. Bio credits his mother, Mamie Amie, as the person from whom he acquired all his driving principles in life – calmness, hard worker, and a staunch believer in God.

Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh was born in the Kono district by parents from Port Loko district. His mother hails from Kalangba, in the Lokomasama chiefdom and his father from Tentefore, in the Kafu Bullom chiefdom.

Dr. Jalloh, a devout Muslim started school in Kono, where he attended the Islamic Primary School and later graduated to the Koidu Secondary School. He then passed his Advanced Level qualifications at the Ahmadiyya Muslim Secondary School in Freetown. Dr. Jalloh graduated with a BA from the Fourah Bay College, the University of Sierra Leone before moving to Nigeria, where he obtained an MSc in Political Sciences from the University of Ibadan.

Following his solid academic track records, Dr. Jalloh was admitted to a Ph.D. Programme and obtained his Doctorates degree from the Institute of Political Sciences, the University of Bordeaux in France.

Dr. Jalloh started his professional career in the United Nations in March 2000 working as a Program Officer at the United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK).  Until recently, he worked as a Senior Advisor at the United Nations Stabilisation Mission in Mali (MINUSMA).

His extensive experience allowed him to provide strategic advice in overseeing the efficient functioning of the offices and pillar of the Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General who also served as the Resident Coordinator and Humanitarian Coordinator.

Dr. Jalloh also supported the Algerian led mediation process of the Malian crisis. While at the United Nations Office for West Africa (UNOWA) and the Sahel in Senegal, he served as the Sahel Advisor to the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations for West Africa and the Sahel.

In that capacity, he co-led the elaboration of the United Nations Strategy on the Sahel, and worked closely with the Peace and Security architecture of ECOWAS, the African Union-led Nouakchott process and later the G5 Sahel and several international NGO’s active in security and governance issues.

During his work as West African Analyst for the International Crisis Group, Dr. Jalloh covered Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone and Guinea Bissau. Among others, he was responsible for writing renowned policy reports and articles on these countries and undertook numerous advocacy trips in several countries in Europe and Africa including at the ECOWAS, African Union and the European Union in Brussels.

During that period, Dr. Jalloh was interviewed and quoted by renowned news media such as the BBC, RFI, and Reuters. From 2004 to 2006, Dr. Jalloh in close collaboration with the Campaign for Good Governance pioneered and managed a European Union Civil Society Capacity building project in Sierra Leone. In that capacity, he worked with the Campaign for Good Governance in Sierra Leone, to support Civil Society groups and further reinforce democratic practices in Sierra Leone.

Dr. Jalloh supported Campaign For Good Governance program on public policy analyses and research including leading the study on quality education in Sierra Leone with other various stakeholders in Sierra Leone. As a research and teaching fellow at the Institute of Political Sciences, the University of Bordeaux in France, Dr. Jalloh has also been published in several book chapters as well as in reputed international journals.

Dr. Jalloh brings with him over fifteen years of substantial experience and a track record, including distinguished service in the above national and international institutions, organizations, and countries. His hard-work and competences have earned him an international reputation as a specialist in the fields of public policy analysis, governance, development and security issues.

Dr Samura Mathew Wilson Kamara was the Presidential Candidate for the APC party in the 2018 general elections in Sierra Leone.

Born in Kamalo, Karene district to a mother from Kamalo, Sand Loko chiefdom and a father from Maworoko village around Gberray Junction, Maforki chiefdom – Port Loko district, Samura Kamara was raised by his parents.

After working his way through secondary school at the UCC in Bo with the help of his parents, Dr. Samura Kamara moved to Freetown and attended the St Edwards Secondary School.

In Freetown, he continued his higher education at Fourah Bay College (FBC) University of Sierra Leone. In University he attained a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, MA in Political Economy, MSc in Economics, and a doctorate (PhD) in Development Economics from Bangor University, North Wales, United Kingdom.

Dr Samura Kamara joined the commonwealth, the Word Bank, IMF and became a top policy technocrat specialising in transforming the economies of underdeveloped and developing countries.

In 1994 he was appointed Program Manager for World Bank Structural Support Plan to Sierra Leone and served as Financial Secretary for the then government of Sierra Leone – responsible for managing bilateral and multilateral Overseas Development Assistance to Sierra Leone.

Dr Samura Kamara served as the Financial Secretary and Bank Governor of the Bank of Sierra Leone.
Under the leadership of President Koroma, Dr Samura Kamara was appointed Minister of Finance, and Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation respectively.

In October 2018, he was elected the Presidential Candidate for the APC Party in Sierra Leone.

Honourable Chernor Maju Bah was born on 29th April 1972 in Wilberforce Western Area of Sierra Leone. He is a Barrister and Solicitor of the high court.  He is a holder of LLB (Hons, USL); BL (Sierra Leone, Law School) and Currently LLM student (University of London, distance education.

He is the leader of the main opposition All People’s Congress Party (APC). He has served in the well of Parliament as the deputy Speaker of Parliament. He was elected Member of Parliament for constituency 126 Western Area Urban in 2007. Having represented his people and with the good work he did, he was called upon again to serve them in 2012.

Honourable Chernor Bah is a member of three Committees in the house of Parliament; the Legislative Committee, Appointment and Public Service Committee and Ethics Committee.

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