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Tolongbo Heading for ‘Munku’ Offside Trap

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Tolongbo Heading for ‘Munku’ Offside Trap


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The country’s Minister of Information and Communications in the former Ernest Bai Koroma led APC Tolongbo Cabinet was responding to some internal party issues he was not satisfied with.

According to him, some of his colleague Tolongbo members want to distort the party’s constitution to fit their selfish desire.

He said in preparation for the party’s national delegate convention slated weeks after now, the national executive met past week and discussed so many things relating to the progress of the Party.

He said one of the key issues discussed was that of the Exclusion Clause, which according to him, states that for a member to be eligible to contest to become the party’s Presidential flagbearer, that member must have served at least Five (5) Uninterrupted Years in the party.

The Clause according to Hon. Bangura is against the satisfaction of himself and so many other members of the party, adding that it is not right for the party today and will never be right at any time in the future.

He said it is no secret that the APC is a party for all and that those who have suffered and sacrificed for its progress and sustainability are well-known.

He said at this point in time, especially when the party is in opposition, contest for positions should be open to all members, adding; “what if a new member comes in and expresses interest to lead the party to election and that person has money to boost the party, should that person not be allowed?”

He sighted Section 46 of the country’s Constitution that states requirements for a person to become President and that every party’s constitution must be inconformity with the 1991 National Constitution.

The Clause according to him is an exclusion clause that is aimed to target certain people in the party that some evil members want to get rid of and have a free will to go ahead with their selfish acts.

“I want to tell the APC family, both home and abroad, that the idea of bringing a time limit in the party’s presidential contest is not and will never be good for the party in anyway. This is because when a party is in opposition, it should be seen cajoling its members and not to be castigating them.” Hon. Bangura stated.

He added that if the party starts to make funny laws simply because some people want the position and want to pull down others, its progress is unseen and this will definitely stop people with potential from joining the party.

He advised that the party should by now be seen reconciling its membership and getting those who have been offended before, apologise to them and get them to come back to the party.

Sources reaching this reporter say some aggrieved senior members of the Party are planning to pursue legal actions against the Party should some other members insist in forcing the bad clause into the Constitution.

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