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Tourism with Internal Affairs Ministry backup can change the life style of Sierra Leone

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Tourism with Internal Affairs Ministry backup can change the life style of Sierra Leone


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The past 11 years war and later came in the Ebola outbreak affected the Tourist industry greatly but that notwithstanding, we are still not late to develop if only we are ready, with the Natural Resources if properly managed well can generate the most needed foreign exchange.

Sierra Leone is recorded as one of the largest and most important Harbors in West Africa world admired by the world with tremendous tourist potentials. Our beautiful Hills, Mountains, Valley, Rivers, Beaches, Plants, Animals, our different styles of doing things etc. can immensely enable us as source to generate large revenue, wherein Government can use to embark on other projects in developing the country.

Looking at the Cultural aspect of the Ministry, it is its responsibility and mandate to showcase the talents of Sierra Leoneans in and out of this country, in exhibiting the cultural activities and practices of children, Youths, men and women, then come in the role by the tourism and Cultural Affairs Ministry to help promote the ministry of Social Welfare Gender and Children Affairs in building human resource and growth in the gender aspect.

The current generation of Sierra Leone due to the Western life has speedily forgotten and hampered our culture. Those who could have well nurtured the upbringing generation are largely by diverse causes giving up to the ghost, while the few around are not given the enabling environment due to impact the cultural knowledge especially into the children as the starting stage of human development  as a result of the human right laws.

The production of cultural materials, tools and instruments is another source to generate revenue for the Government. The exhibition of our culture and social talents in our traditional practices and activities , the performing method in our national and international levels and many times on competition with awards won backed with the production of various items for trading generate income either for the individual, group or country as added advantage.

I t is clearly true that Sierra Leoneans are law abiding, even the past Ebola outbreak was another good story  in proving to be law abiding, despite all odds that we are basically known for  that a large number of Sierra Leoneans look lawless and reckless, with all our good laws  yet we cannot implement them to the letter.

Many do things illegally and unlawfully with impunity, many when in contact and in conflict with the law, are supported or advocated for by senior stakeholders in Society, this create room for them to destructively do more that hampers the growth of development.

But the 100 days intervention by the newly appointed minister of Internal Affairs Rtd Palo Conteh has proved Sierra Leoneans to be law abiding once it is for the right thing with the right measures taken and fully put in force though must face little resistance.

Here is a case as perceived and expressed by the general Public openly that the bike riders being one of the most largest group engaged in self created reliance job serves as typical example for lawlessness but that have silence as they been restricted from plying the major streets as no-go area in the central business district.

Sources close to this medium says that there are more plans to shape the life style of Sierra Leoneans on their dress codes, maintaining businesses orderly to ensure sanity at both business and entertainment centres including the beaches, Government properties, street  and roads be free from threat and more, and this will be of more help to the Tourism Ministry if firmly implemented and maintained as the public take newly appointed authorities as first timers and can quickly go off , but hope not happen in this case as promised and vowed by the Retired major.

It will interest the country to know that the current internal Affairs Minister Mr. Conteh destiny proves to be a disciplinarian with the office held, the Defense Ministry for external activities as once head of the army, the National Ebola Response Centre (NERC) as the Chief Executive Officer or head, now head of police for internal activities, all in the name of maintaining discipline, law and order for a peaceful environment. The now minister of Tourism and Cultural Affairs Sidi Yahya Tunis was under the authority and command of Alfred Paolo Conteh, humbly served him at NERC as the mouth piece or spokesman of this institution including the Minister of Health and Sanitation, with their job well done today happens for them to meet again at a level now where they can articulate well on join operations extensively for the better growth of this country.

These two eagerly yearn for successes in their prescribed programmes undertakings, hate to see failure on their sides they are trusted highly by the republic as manifested by many due to their past legacy and if continue as per expectation, then the sky will be their limit and Sierra Leoneans will greatly but positively be the beneficiaries.

 If the Attitudinal and Behavioral Change (ABC) Secretariat would have been known for an efficient work with consistency the non-nonsense man that hate to work with institutions publicly known for corruption, then it would have been an opportunity as an added advantage for ABC Secretariat to be part of the internal Affairs Ministry to let citizens would have continue with positive behaviors and attitudes.


But the Minister is desperate to study very hard with aggression to pass the assignment and exam they had failed given to them by the first Gentleman in the Country, a Secretariat that was his vision and baby for the positive transformation of the country but passed records proves unsuccessful but as shameful and disgraceful stories.

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