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Treachery and the Corruption of the Mind

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Treachery and the Corruption of the Mind


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So this man will say worse things about me if he has the slightest chance, would be the question that is immediately evoked. In the event, it does not profit a man to gain the world through lying and sniping about other people, attempting to show himself to be better than someone else but then goes on to lose his soul to treachery and damnation because somewhere down the line, his lies would come to light and in most cases, the real reason for the hatred exposed with some dramatic results.

When it comes down to it, one may wonder why another person would go so low as to attack another behind a computer screen or behind closed doors when he knows that he is safely out of reach of the person he is accusing. Some people make wild and spurious accusations or allegations just to be melodramatic but when it comes to examination of the facts of the case they attempt to build, they fall flat on their faces. In the most extreme of circumstances, even if there is some truth in what is being bandied about, one should ask for a reason why one person would open up an attack front against another when there is apparently no immediate or direct confrontational reason. Experience over some time now has shown that whatever the cause, some hidden agenda is always the spur. Some of these may allude to jealousy, to a feeling of inferiority and the mere presence of another more astute mind to the one carrying around the hate. The consequences of this is however not entirely lost on right minded people. Why go round with such hate and then unleash it in a public domain when maybe a quiet word, a discussion or a tete a tete would have resolved any imperfections in the relationship?

Hate and discrimination go hand in hand. Some have written extensively about political tribalism. Oswald Hanciles, a noted Sierra Leonean author on contemporary issues holds out a perfunctory theory of dissipation grounded in political tribalism and is deleterious effects on national development. Those who practice gossip and odious hate towards others are prime candidates for political tribalism. They promote the differences between themselves and others as grounds for exclusion and nothing supports their arsenal more than a word of gossip, a bad word in the right ear or words of blame and consternation against another person who may very well be oblivious of such attacks on their person. Nonetheless, they would be apt to come close to the person of their tribalism attacks, as if to portray a sense of knowing, to deceive the other as a false friend would do, as in wolf in sheep’s clothing. In his writings, Oswald Hanciles has

expounded on the depravity that accompanies such practices and has likened it to the cracks that tend to implode on governing entities because they become too self-assured of their impregnability yet they allow such internecine rivalries and infighting destabilize their hitherto appealing draw and ideology.

The focus is lost when one section of the party, be it a tribe or a faction based on some inane attribute, hijack the central governing faction and tend to influence it wrongly for their own selfish ends. On a more practical front, those who allow gossip and innuendo to influence their approach to managing relationships with others introduce the very same splits and cracks that tend to destabilize political growth and ultimately national development.

In whatever environment one finds oneself, there must be room for everyone who has a story to tell, an act to perform or a role to play. To deny another from full participation is nothing but outright wickedness, especially when the act to deny is not based on incompetence or inability to perform, but father based on some spurious grounds of hearsay. It is often said that mediocrity disfavors achievement. However, when mediocrity takes seminal place over achievement then the issue becomes one of a fundamental disjoint between reasonableness and alacrity. Those who go around spoiling the names of others should never be allowed into civilized society. It is clear that the good society of men, where valor and virtue and honor far outweigh the ills of such cowardice and the mere external portents of rank or privilege.

While men of peace and good sense would often disregard such evil doers, there comes a time when someone should stand out to such bullies and show up their incapacities for what they are. When those who parade with the names of others have nothing to show for their achievements but a handful of petitions seeking high office, or as they say in social media, when such cretins can only claim to have had “shares” and “views” on some absurd YOUTUBE interview, then you come to grasp the weakness of their claims and the emptiness of their stature. To achieve is to be seen to achieve, for others to commend and not for self-aggrandizement, for if society were to identify you in a crowd, such would be easy when your achievement touches their lives. To run up a hill on a personal errand and then claim a discovery on the back of ordinary people would be folly.

It is lamentable that an article such as this has to be written, but clearly, truth must be told. This is the time to move on and be somebody.

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