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Under President Koroma: Democracy and national development are two sides of the same coin

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Under President Koroma: Democracy and national development are two sides of the same coin


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Elections, whether presidential, Legislative or local council, whether bye-elections or not, flourish only on the strong pillars of democracy. It is only when democracy prevails in a country that the people are able to exercise their constitutional mandate to elect their representatives. Under President Ernest Koroma, the people of Sierra Leone are blessed that they have been able to exercise their franchise to vote in their representatives without fear or prejudice. And never than ever as it happened in Samu, where the APC should not have been seen winning even a narrow victory, let alone, lose.

The Samu elections proved that democracy is still prevailing in Sierra Leone under the leadership of the trailblazer, President Ernest Koroma.

As a matter of fact, despite all the challenges facing our country, the wheels and engines of multi-party democracy and national development continue to roll smoothly in Sierra Leone, under the celebrated democrat and developer, President Ernest Bai Koroma.

Yesterday, events at the Political Parties Registration Commissioon ( PPRC ) bore further colorful evidence to the extent to which this government of President Koroma is promoting democracy in a manner in which it has never been done before in our country. The PPRC distributed application forms to over one dozen people who want to establish political parties in Sierra Leone in readiness for next year’s crunch elections.

Not to be outdone also yesterday, Dr. Kandeh Yumkella of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) suspended his presidential flagbearer ambitions with the party , sections of which , called the Paopa faction, had for the past three years transformed the SLPP to a theatre of hostilities and antagonism towards him in favour of a Mende aspirant, Maada Bio , and announced lofty dreams to continue his presidential quest through cooperation with a grand coalition.

The SLPP imbroglio demonstrated President Koroma’s penchant for democratically dealing fairly his opponents. Never at any time did he try to interfere adversely in the SLPP crises or attempt to manipulate it to the advantage of his ruling party, the APC. In fact, news is that President Koroma fought behind the scenes to helped to bring peace to the strife-torn SLPP.

IT is no wonder that even with the end to his constitutionally- mandated two terms close at hand, President Koroma continues to enjoy tremendous goodwill from the public , with the prospect that if it had been possible for him to do a third term, the President would have still won the elections hands down .

President Koroma, in power, has demonstrated that the archetypal African leader with the big stick, suppressing his people’s political rights and denying them socio-economic and political developments, does not apply to everybody. President Koroma has been a shining exception to the rule and Sierra Leoneans need to give him credit for being a model of democracy and national development.

President Koroma, in only 7 months, will be leaving power and the country in sound health, democracy and development-wise. It is hoped that whoever succeeds him will do the nation, the world and posterity a favor by continuing his marvelous legacy.

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