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Upholding and Improving the System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics and Advancing the Modernization of China

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Upholding and Improving the System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics and Advancing the Modernization of China


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1. What are the advantages of the system of socialism with Chinese characteristics?

Since its 12th national congress in 1982, the CPC has always stressed “socialism with Chinese characteristics.” Under this banner, China has become the world’s second largest economy and is stepping ever closer to becoming a moderately prosperous society in all respects by next year.

The system of socialism with Chinese characteristics is a scientific system developed by the Party and the Chinese people through their long-term practices and explorations. This system has been the focus of all of the Party’s theories and practice since reform and opening up began. As proven by practice, the system of socialism with Chinese characteristics is a system of strong vitality and huge strength, which can be seen in the following aspects:

Upholding the centralized and unified leadership of the CPC, following the CPC’s scientific theories, maintaining political stability and ensuring that the country keeps advancing in the direction of socialism. This is the defining feature and the greatest strength of socialism with Chinese characteristics. As the ruling party all these years, the CPC has maintained the stability and sustainability of state governance with an eye on the whole picture and coordinated efforts of all parties and sectors of society.

— Ensuring that the people run the country, promoting the people’s democracy, maintaining close ties with the people and relying on them to push forward the country’s development. This is a natural element of socialist political advancement.

— Ensuring law-based governance in all fields, building a country of socialist rule of law, and guaranteeing social fairness and justice and the people’s rights. This is an essential requirement and important guarantee for socialism with Chinese characteristics.

— Ensuring the whole country works together and stimulating the enthusiasm of all aspects to mobilize resources for major undertakings;

— Upholding equality between all ethnic groups, creating a strong sense of community for the Chinese nation to work jointly for common prosperity and development;

— Upholding the dominant role of the public sector and common development of economic entities under diverse forms of ownership, the distribution system whereby distribution according to labor is dominant and a variety of other modes of distribution exist alongside it, the synergy between the socialist system and the market economy, and continuously unlocking and developing the productive forces;

— Upholding common ideals and convictions, values, and moral standards, promoting China’s fine traditional culture, revolutionary culture and advanced socialist culture, as well as inspiring the people to embrace shared ideologies and mindsets;

— Adhering to the vision of making development people-centered, and continuously guaranteeing and improving people’s livelihoods and improving people’s wellbeing to achieve common prosperity for everyone;

— Continuing reform and innovation, moving with the times, and promoting self-improvement and development to build a society full of vitality;

— Selecting officials based on integrity and ability and on the basis of merit regardless of background to cultivate more talented individuals;

— Keeping the armed forces under the Party’s command and ensuring that the people’s armed forces are completely loyal to the Party and the people so as to safeguard China’s sovereignty, security and development interests;

–Upholding the principle of “one country, two systems,” maintaining lasting prosperity and stability in Hong Kong and Macao, and promoting the peaceful reunification of China, which are essential to realizing national rejuvenation. As escalating violence seriously disrupting Hong Kong’s stability and prosperity, ending violence and chaos and restoring order remain the most important task for Hong Kong at present. President Xi Jinping demanded unswerving efforts by the SAR government to stop and punish violent activities in accordance with the law in a bid to safeguard the well-being of the public in Hong Kong.

— Adhering to the unity of independence and self-reliance and opening up to the rest of the world, taking an active part in global governance, and continuing to make contributions to the building of a community with a shared future for humanity.

2. What has China achieved by advancing the modernization of system and capacity of governance?

All the work and activities of China’s national governance are carried out in accordance with the system of socialism with Chinese characteristics. China’s system and capacity for governance are a crystallization of the system of socialism with Chinese characteristics and its enforcement capability. While pursuing national development, China did not copy the Western governance system, but established one of its own based on its national conditions. Practice has proven that China’s governance system is effective and successful and its capacity of governance strong and powerful.

In just 70 years, China has transformed itself from an underdeveloped country to what is now the second-largest economy in the world, the largest manufacturer, and the largest trader in goods, second largest consumer of commodities, second-largest recipient of foreign direct investment (FDI), and the largest holder of foreign exchange reserves. China has successfully pulled itself out from the quagmire of poverty and underdevelopment to become the biggest economic growth contributor to the world.

In poverty alleviation, China carried out a continuous mission of lifting its people out of poverty in the past 70 years, helping 850 million people shake off poverty and hundreds of millions joining the middle-income group. Such achievements are nothing but a miracle in the development of mankind. In just several decades, China has finished what it took developed countries several hundred years to complete.

In social security, China has successfully guaranteed both development and security, as well as the long-term harmony of the Chinese society and the stable and prosperous life of the Chinese people. By the end of 2018, the number of cities in China has grown to 672 and its urban population reached 831 million and rural population 564 million. During this process, China did a great job in maintaining stability and order of its urban and rural governance and gradually becoming one of the leading countries in this regard. China is one of the countries with the lowest homicide rate.

As tested by time, upholding the system of Socialism with Chinese characteristics and China’s governance is the very reason that China keeps pushing for the continuous progress of the country with nearly 1.4 billion people and ensuring the realization of the two centenary goals toward the rejuvenation of the Ch

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