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VP Jalloh Relates with Port Loko, Pepel Indigenes

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VP Jalloh Relates with Port Loko, Pepel Indigenes


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Welcoming the Hon. Vice President and entourage, the Paramount Chief of Port Loko, PC Adekali Mela reiterated on behalf of his colleague Chiefs their support and commitment to the Government of President Rtd. Brigadier Julius Maada Bio.

He called on the people of Port Loko to come together and work with the Government of President Bio in developing the nation as elections were over.

P.C. Adekali Mela called on the President through the Vice President to give credence to his district as the district needs help. He concluded by pledging their allegiance to His Excellency President Julius Maada Bio and his government.

Former Minister of Information and Communications in the past government Alhaji Aplha Khan in his statement assured the Hon. Vice President and other State Ministers of the people of Port Loko’s willingness to support and join the present government in it development strives.

He called on His Excellency to include people from all facet of life in the distribution of his development bundle.

Resident Minister, North-West, Haja Isatu Abdulai Kamara in her statement told the people of Port Loko township that elections are over and that they should put away all party politics and join His Excellency Rtd. Brigadier Julius Maada Bio and his government in developing not only the district but the country at large.

Addressing his people, His Worship the Mayor of North-West Region, Abu Bakarr Kamara said, now that elections were over, they are now looking and working towards progress and development of the nation.

Mayor Abu Bakarr Kamara called on the SLPP government to construct the Port Loko Mayor’s office which he described will be an added legacy to the government as it was during the SLPP regime that the District Council Hall and offices were built.

Speaking on behalf of the Ministers from the district, Adviser to the President and Ambassador at Large, Ambassador B. Wurrie encouraged all to forget about the past elections and party politics and concentrate and support the President, his Vice and all Ministers from the district on the programmes that will bring development to the district in particular and the country as a whole.

In her thank you message to the President and her people for staging such occasion for her, the celebrant, Deputy Minister of Education, Mrs. Emily Kadiatu Gogra said that indeed salvation has arrived in their district and admonished her people to grab the opportunity for the benefit of their district.

She thanked His Excellency Rtd. Brigadier Julius Maada Bio for choosing and appointing her among other women to deputize her boss, Osman Timbo Esq at the Minister for Basic Education.

Mrs. Gogra went on to assure His Excellency and Vice that she will deliver her responsibilities as Deputy Minister according to the flagship programme on Education in the “New Direction”.  She vowed to give her best in the discharge of her functions in a way that the aspiration of His Excellency’s Free Education scheme will be a success.

She called on all opposition supporters to join her party in the development train.

In his keynote address to the people of Port Loko, the Hon. Vice President Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh said he was grateful to accompany the Deputy Minister of Education to her welcoming ceremony in the district.

He said the ceremony was a historic moment in the history of not only Port Loko district but the country in general.

Vice President Dr. Jalloh said this is the right time for every Sierra Leonean to come on board in executing the flagship programmes of His Excellency as stated in the “New Direction” Manifesto.

In the “New Direction,” he said, the SLPP government and the President have pledged to give priority to every Sierra Leonean in all areas of work. This he said will be implemented in a way that will not undermine efficiency as the future of the country rest on their flagship programmes; among them he said were agriculture, education, water, employment and mineral resources.

Speaking on Agriculture, he said it is the foundation of the country’s economy as the sector contributes approximately half of the nation’s GDP, employs about 60% of the population and also add to the country’s foreign exchange.

Vice President Jalloh went on to state that His Excellency’s main aim in civilizing agriculture is to make the policy a sustainable one and also to expand food production including crops and animals on an adequate scale that will feed the mounting populace as well as providing lucrative employment.

In the “New Direction,” he maintained that his party has prioritized efficient political and economic management of the country’s natural resources including water among others.

Education, Vice President Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh said is one of the primary objectives of the President in his “New Direction” drive. He said they are going to augment access to quality pre-primary, primary, secondary, technical and vocational education and training as well as university education to enable the young generation to engage in significant industrious economic activity.

He concluded by encouraging all Sierra Leonean irrespective of their political differences to be part of the New Direction in order to put Sierra Leone at the apex of the world.

The Hon. Vice President was with the Adviser to President and Ambassador at Large, Minister of Health and Sanitation, Minister of Education, Resident Minister North-West among others. 

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