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“We will control the economy and develop a new country as a new beginning under ReNIP” Presidential candidate assures citizens

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“We will control the economy and develop a new country as a new beginning under ReNIP” Presidential candidate assures citizens


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Presidential Candidate for the Republic National Independent Party (ReNIP), Beresford Victor Williams has said he will solve the economic crisis in Sierra Leone by creating hybrid economy.

He said: “I have the ability to reform the country and change the trajectory of the country by create a price control, increase in minimum wage and above all, I will create a new economy system under the hybrid economy”.

He defined hybrid economy as any type of local, state, or national economic system that involves a more or less equal focus on two different economic styles. “This is a relatively common structure that has been utilised in many different settings over the history of humankind,” he said.

Mr. Williams said: “In the best of situations, a hybrid economy will draw on the strengths of each major component while also minimising the weaknesses inherent in any single approach.

“The new economy systems will develop Sierra Leone and help to establish a more currency control. As a president of this nation, I will turn the economy around and take control by creating a new country. We will control the economy and developed a new country as a new beginning under ReNIP”.

In the area of Gender Quality and Peace, Mr. Williams said as the country is at a cross road, he is the only leader that can united the country by brining everyone on board including political parties and able to create a brand-new country, because he has over 60% of women within his party.

He added that he has trust and believe in women that is why he select woman as his running mate.

In the area of transforming the energy and infrastructure in the nation as whole, he said if he wins the presidential election, in his first 100 days, he will reduce the rate of inflations, bring in price control and bring peace within the country.

In the area of food insufficient, Mr. Williams said he knows that agricultural development has a key role to play in generating the incomes needed to ensure food security, so as a president he will improve more on agriculture by encouraging youths to embark on farming to make sure that Sierra Leoneans have more food to eat.

He said the ReNIP manifesto that he will soon launch is a document that outlines the party’s platform and policies which is divided into four sections: Democracy and good governance, Economic development, social justice and foreign policy.

“The ReNIP manifesto emphasises the importance of democracy and good governance. The party believes that these are essential for economic development and social justice. ReNIP also advocates for a strong and independent judiciary, a free press and an accountable government,” he said.

He also outlined the party’s economic policies which he believes that the government should play a role in stimulating economic growth and creating jobs, adding that the party also supports policies that will help to reduce poverty and inequality.

He assured that ReNIP is committed to social justice and that the Party believes that all Sierra Leoneans should have equal opportunities, regardless of their race, gender or social class.

“ReNIP also supports policies that will protect the environment and promote sustainable development.

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