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“Why SLPP Thug Attacks APC Presidential Spokesman” my take

HomeAYV News“Why SLPP Thug Attacks APC Presidential Spokesman” my take

“Why SLPP Thug Attacks APC Presidential Spokesman” my take


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But for SLPP as a party, it’s of no secret that, it comprises of many violent men and women in their different crack circles that always bent on bringing their fellow peace and development loving Sierra Leoneans back to the dark days of Foday Sankoh and his Libyan Green Book lieutenant remnants in and out of the country.

Therefore, anywhere they go, they will go with their violence and thuggery baggage along with them. That was why Foday Jangray of SLPP was allegedly trying to molest the polite, cool, calm, gentle and peacefully calculated APC Presidential Spokesman, Abdulai Bayraytay because of the valence nature of their party. If SLPP was allegedly killed SLPP what really do we expect from them?

The second thought that came into my mind was why SLPP Foday Jangray was really trying to molest his fellow peaceful Sierra Leonean in the public? Was it because of jealousy or envious mind? Just because the cool, calm and calculated Bayraytay is the APC presidential spokesman? Or was it because Bayraytay refused to pick up his phone calls when he wanted to invite him to his birthday party?

If the alleged invitation was true, was it really based on a sincerely and genuine friendly motive invitation? Or there was a satanic plan against the young man? Was it part of the plan that Foday was trying to bring to the attention of the general public at Cheznous Restaurant? The fact is we have read and heard about a famous Sierra Leonean DJ, how he was invited to a birthday party and how he was allegedly found dead. Sierra Leoneans beware of SLPP thugs. They can do anything stupid for the sake of power.

However, my third thought was on the interesting comments from the extract. When Jangray was alleged to have said, “We are going to remove them, APC from power. We too supposed to be in power now because we are tired of being in the opposition”. Honestly speaking these statements are very interesting to me and I also believe that other Sierra Leoneans do enjoy the comments. The other interesting part of Jangray’s comments, where he said, it is the people of Sierra Leone that continue to vote for APC.  It is really good when SLPP know that it is the people of Sierra Leone that are voting APC into power. Is that not an interesting comment? Yes, it is. For the fact that Jangray did not say APC came into power by violence or by inciting war, but by the people’s mandate.

Now, please read the  extract from The Organiser’s newspaper what SLPP Foday Jangray was allegedly did to Bayraytay and what he also said to him: “Pointing his fingers at the forehead of the Presidential Spokesman whilst barking at the top of his voice like a mad dog in the country’s linqua franca, Krio “na inh dae tok for the President. Den wan yah we go pull dem nar power. Wisef for cam in now because we don tire for dae na de opposition en de pipul den still dae vote for this useless APC government ya so”, (translated in English: ‘He is the one speaking for the President. We shall remove them from power. We too should come in now as we are tired of being in the opposition but the people still continue to vote for the useless APC-led government’).”

Sierra Leoneans, have you seen how hungrily and desperately SLPP wants to get power by all means (pa-o-pa). Please be alert in watching their movement in and out of the country. By the way Foday Jangry, APC and SLPP which part that is useless? A party that engulfed with violence and lawlessness. A party that does not have respect for its authorities, it does not obey its own laws and above all it cannot speak with one voice even when the elections are coming closer every day, which one is more useless? Foday, are you really sound?

 If I may continue to ask Foday Jangray and his SLPP a few more questions: who put them in the opposition bench? Is it not because they do not normally put the interest of the country first in their party activities?  They always think their part is more important than the nation? Therefore, if they are not in power the country should not be at peace? Is it not because of that the people are always paying them through the ballot box, according to their work in the country?  Are they well organised like a serious opposition part that the people should listen to? If not which way are they, SLPP going to remove APC from power?

 Is it through the ballot box that they are seemingly afraid of? If not by what means? Is it by inciting violence or war in the country? Or by joining Sama Sumana who had already made himself well known to the whole world, particularly to Sierra Leoneans all over the universe, especially those in the country that if he is not reinstated as vice president of Sierra Leone he would wage war against the poor innocent people in the country. Are they, SLPP ready to use the poor and defenceless masses children in the country to go and kill themselves in the streets of towns and villages for them in the name of protest or demonstration for fuel price increase by government?

 If so, are these poor parents children, especially the school going children really willing to go and put their precious lives at stake because of important SLPP one party with many problems? Ebola Virus had made them, the students lose almost a whole academic year without going to school, college and university. Will they again allow some of the unpatriotic and unnationalistic SLPP members whose children, close family and relatives are attend schools, colleges and universities abroad to fool them in the name of demonstration against inflation in the country while they have their political devil-incarnation motives in their sleeves? Time will tell.
My brothers and sisters Sierra Leoneans, especially the students, I value your precious lives. Therefore, beware of SLPP sinister political motive against the country. Praising you as heroes or heroines at the expense of you valuable lives and those of your poor parents that struggling to pay your fees at the same time fighting to get you something to eat is NOT a praise. They are doing you more harm than good. Mind you they are too ungrateful. You risk your lives for the sake of them, you are just destroying yourselves for nothing.

 Let them, SLPP bring their own children and relatives abroad to come and demonstrate for them. I will not talk about the arm chair mushroom political organisations so-called civil societies or human rights’ advocates in the country. Who seemingly be in the country to only protect their jobs at the expense of the poor nation because they lack the earl intervention initiatives that will prevent the abuse of individuals or group’s rights.

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