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Youyi Building on Fire

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Youyi Building on Fire


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Reports say MDA staffs were seen rushing into their offices through both gates of the Youyi building premises and some could not be patient to wait for the lift to carry them upstairs but decided to run up the steps sweating profusely in order to occupy their seats.

Sources say before clocks in the various offices could tic 8:30am, 98 percent of all MDA staff have either occupied their seats or were now on their respective assignments for which they were employed.

The fire-liked scenario yesterday at the Youyi building according to many people could not be unconnected with the anticipation that His Excellency President Julius Maada Bio will repeat his unannounced visit to the building.

It can be recalled that President Bio conducted unannounced spot check at MDAs at Youyi building in the morning hours of Wednesday, 23rd May.

It is on record that President Bio has always warned in his public speeches that his government is not going to be business-as-usual politics.

The purpose of the on-the-spot check was for the president to ensure that ministers and civil servants are complying with his directive to be at work at 8:30am.

Energised and determined, President Bio climbed stairs after stairs checking every floor housing ministries and government agencies and at each MDA, the president visited ministers, permanent secretaries and other civil servants offices.

Door after door, he entered to shocking surprises from civil servants, some of whom were only seeing him for the first time in person.

President Bio smiled as he thanked many of the ministers and civil servants who were on seats, as secretaries, clerks, security and office assistants all expressed their admiration for seeing the president in their ministries doing a spot check on his directive.

On the whole, many of the ministers (with the exception of those on out-of-office official duties) permanent secretaries and other civil servants were on seats. The permanent secretary at the Ministry of Lands, Housing and the Environment was not on seat and in his office, His Excellency the President left a note that he visited his office and he was not on seat.

From his visit, President Bio was also very concerned with the current state of the floors looking at the ceilings and cracks on walls.

It is also important to note that from the visit by His Excellency President Bio, compliance to the 8:30am start was very impressive. The President will continue on his on-the-spot visits targeting many public institutions, Government agencies, hospitals in the coming weeks and months ahead

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