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Sierra Akker Foods will create economic impact in Salone – Pakai Kamara

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Sierra Akker Foods will create economic impact in Salone – Pakai Kamara


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“Bringing foreign eggs in the country means that one has to have the foreign exchange and have quality stores to keep the eggs. Before these eggs arrive in the country they take one month and more in the high seas, thereby killing the freshness that we have with our own, because for ours its takes maximum 24 hours to reach the market and we don’t need all the foreign exchange the importers are using to bring the eggs.”
Mr. Pakai Kamara said Sierra Akker has grown to have an Abattoir, which gives them the added advantage from other egg producers, because they now produce eggs, beef and chicken parts for the market.
“What we are doing now is producing eggs, chicken parts and beef to give customers the opportunity to fresh products rather than the imported ones. Also, because of the challenges faced to import these products, we are better off as we don’t need all that money to give people what they want.”
The CEO said they are providing jobs for tens of Sierra Leoneans as they in turn will cater for their families. He said the economic implications are many and believes that in the near future people will stop the import of these products because they will be available locally.
Pakai Kamara said currently they produce 40,000 eggs on a daily basis, which he said will increase in the near future because the demand will soon exceed the supply. “Our eggs are cheap and fresh and even if the demand exceeds the supply we will not fleece our people, instead we will increase our supply in the market.”
He said the Abattoir that is now in operation is processing 2000 chickens on a hourly basis and presently people can buy the parts like throat, gizzard, liver, heart, feet, etc. from them at Kossoh Town. “As the demand grows we will get outlets across the country to make it easier for people to get these products.”
For the cattle, he said they have the ability to process 50 cattle a day and currently butchers are now taking their cattle to the Abattoir to be slaughtered within minutes and it is done in a clean and hygienic way for all to consume.
He assured the public that the business is just at the beginning stage as it will definitely create the impact in the country’s food cycle as well as the economy that will benefit all.

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